Treatment on the Internet: 5 of the most stupid recipes

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It’s not that we’re against internet consultations. We are even going to invite doctors directly to Passion so that you can ask them questions online. And it’s not that we are categorically against traditional medicine. But sometimes, looking for a panacea in the networks, you can die. Laughing.


Slag is generally a very fashionable word. Normally, this is the term of metallurgists. But we also eat iron … No wonder that all 10 kg of your excess weight is, excuse me, fecal stones. Take a rock-crushing drink and start making bricks!


Worms are everywhere. Not some pinworms, but real brain-eating creatures. How to eat the right dose – so you have schizophrenia. If there is nothing to take in the brains, the worms eat the liver – this causes cancer. So get well soon!

The main thing is not to overdo it, like this mother. It’s good that she tried it on herself – now she pities the child. And thanks for sharing your experience. And then garlic is too common a cure for everything.


The United States has legalized same-sex marriage. It’s them because of the hamburgers.


Sexually transmitted infections also affect heterosexuals.

Sometimes traditional medicine recipes for such cases are shared on the Internet. For example:

But it is still better to use high technology. Quickly get rid of all STIs – easily and naturally:

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