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A reasonable person feels himself the master of the entire planet and at the same time remains a weak-willed slave of his habits. Man, that sounds proud. And at the same time, the same person who was born for happiness, like a bird for flight, can destroy his own life with his own hands … Why is this happening? Why do we so often fall into the bondage of our desires? And at the same time, we know for sure that all this is harmful … A cigarette at lunchtime, five or six cups of coffee the color of a burning Spanish night – it would seem that these are such familiar everyday trifles. Well, what could be wrong with them?

Meanwhile, it is worth recalling the very substances that underlie all these everyday phenomena and have a frankly psychotropic effect on the nervous system. I am sure that many of us have heard at least something about this, but out of habit they did not attach any importance to it. Like, drug addiction is not about us (clean, prosperous, confident in ourselves and our abilities), it comes from somewhere else. Alas, this is not entirely true…

The nervous system can be in one of two states. This is excitation or inhibition. For example, when a person sleeps, he rests. In a completely different mode, one might say sparing, all organs work. And with the sunrise, a person wakes up. He has already left one state, but has not yet fully entered another. What to do to overcome this threshold and feel like a “normal person”? Some start exercising or prefer a morning jog. Others, for a variety of reasons (first of all, we admit frankly, due to banal laziness or a catastrophic lack of time) like to slowly drink a cup or two of coffee or strong tea. As a result, you really cheer up and, as it were, full of strength and energy, you go to work. In fact, the very extractive substances (in this case, caffeine), which played their insidious role, become an artificial stimulant.

Now, by the way, it is not difficult to explain why coffee comes in many varieties. I mean not only and not so much its taste. Each of them has certain properties and effects on the body. And their mixture can be simply explosive. And depending on what kind of cocktail we have, or, more simply, a mixture, one coffee is preferable to another in some situations. That is why there is morning, afternoon and evening coffee – depending on the concentration and set of extractives.

In the same way, the effects on the body of tea (which, by the way, also contains caffeine) are explained. For example, the Chinese, with their centuries-old culture of drinking this drink, brew it in porcelain in a completely different way than is customary among Russians. After a minute and a half, as the grass got into boiling water, extractive substances are released that excite the nervous system. And after five minutes, tonin begins to appear, which, on the contrary, inhibits the nervous system. We, with our culture and traditions, can drink tea even a day old, in which only “color” remains.

Theism (or, more simply, excessive tea drinking), coffeeism, tobacco smoking are members of one “big family” of drugs. Dependence on them comes imperceptibly and turns out to be incredibly painful precisely because no one seriously considers them drugs. After all, we almost all drink tea or coffee. Where is the line that runs between ordinary culinary addictions and a cruel habit that destroys health? This border is really subtle. That is why a person understands that he is in trouble only when a crushing blow has been dealt to his body.

And here it must be said that there is situational and habitual consumption. In the first case, a person is necessarily in some situation that, as it were, constantly provokes him. A brigade of lumberjacks, say, in the winter cold for “warming up” constantly drinks vodka. And in a luxurious office every two hours they run to put a heaped coffee pot … The brain and nervous system are gradually tuned to constantly receive artificial stimulants at the same specific time and in the same circumstances. If the same lumberjack is put behind the wheel of a car in time, then he will no longer drink to “warm up”. Not that situation!

However, situational consumption quickly transforms into habitual consumption. That is, a lumberjack who is already suffering from alcoholism will reach for a glass in any setting, even in the hot south. And the young lady from the office, having completed graduate school and moved to teach at a university where everyone prefers healthy mineral water, will still drink her daily dose of coffee. As they say, the process of getting used to began. And when the border is violated, no one can immediately answer.

You can sometimes track this by how a person moves from smaller to larger: from weak tea to stronger tea, so that it hits the brain well; from two cups of coffee – to ten; from several cigarettes a day to several packs; from weaker varieties of tobacco to stronger ones; from instant coffee to natural ground coffee.

A woman, who consumes 10-12 cups of the strongest coffee a day, once turned to a drug treatment dispensary for an appointment. However, this record did not last long. He was beaten by one man who emptied a hundred-gram jar of instant coffee in a day. It is clear that they would not have come to the doctor if they themselves did not feel that they were already on the other side of the border between “possible” and “impossible”. That they are in a situation where the subtle structures of the brain are already affected… We can say that the process is already going on at the subconscious level. The body intensively continues to search for the missing component. And it gets painful…

Even a mild sufferer experiences discomfort. He seems to be constantly lacking something, and therefore he cannot concentrate on anything. They seem to be controlled by the dark forces sitting inside. And the narcotic “breaking” is the worst of all, because it is the strongest. Yes, yes, both the lover of a cup of tea and the coffee lover can experience real withdrawal if the body is deprived of the usual dose.

The end result is usually sad. Here and kidney stones from strong tea or coffee… And a sick heart… And a destroyed liver… And a rather shabby appearance with bags under the eyes, dark shadows (which no expensive concealer takes), gray parchment skin… And it is inevitable. In such cases, the matter is unlikely to come to a lethal outcome. However, the first thing that is still affected is the human nervous system; he becomes irritable, nervous and aggressive for no reason. And then a reverse path is laid from the excited state to the state of complete inhibition. When you can’t cheer up with a tank of coffee… And when suddenly your body begins to crumble into pieces, rarely does anyone remember all those cups of coffee with fragrant foam drunk in a pleasant company.

Consultant Mikhail VOLKOV, narcologist.

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