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Peeling from “Domestos” and a fly in the ointment

This method is perhaps one of the most severe, but there are many people who believe in its positive impact.

“Some people use Domestos peels to treat acne. There are different schemes on how to do it, but for obvious reasons, I will not recommend them. Such brutal methods of exfoliation do not contribute to the treatment, but, on the contrary, exacerbate the situation. Such peels cause dermatitis (allergy). After them, in the future, the inflammatory disease will proceed much more aggressively, ”the doctor explains.

Next on the anti-acne list are creams and masks containing natural tar. We emphasize: for everyone who suffers from various rashes – acne, open or closed comedones – it is better to forget about such cosmetics forever.

“Tar has a comedogenic effect, that is, it clogs the sebaceous glands. Some people make a big mistake by applying it to the skin or, even worse, by making tar applications. More than once I heard how people applied a product containing tar to their faces and then put a cling film on top. And in this state, a person could sleep all night. Under no circumstances should this be done. This method can not only not cure, but also aggravate the course of the disease. In addition, when using compresses, a greenhouse effect is created, which also contributes to the appearance of inflammation on the skin.

Turpentine baths and ultraviolet treatment

“Turpentine baths are used by patients hoping to be cured of many skin conditions, including acne. If a person decides on such experiments, then there should be no inflammatory elements on the skin during the procedure, ”the dermatologist notes.

Vishnevsky ointment

Vishnevsky’s ointment really helps to draw out abscesses and accelerates the maturation of acne, but after it, post-acne marks and, in some cases, scars will remain on the body.

“It will be much more difficult to get rid of a spot or scar left after Vishnevsky’s ointment. Without an ointment, inflammation can mature and break through much more slowly, but it will occur in more natural conditions and will not leave strong defects on the skin.

deceptive tan

The myth about the benefits of UV rays appeared in the Soviet era. Then, according to our expert, a similar misconception existed in official medicine.

Moreover, doctors of that time seriously believed that the lack of UV rays, on the contrary, stimulates the appearance of acne. “It was believed that the absence of ultraviolet leads to the formation of acne, but time has shown that it can only drown out or temporarily suppress inflammation. In the long term, UV rays aggravate the course of acne. In other words, in a month or a maximum of six months, everything will become even worse. This occurs as a result of hyperkeratosis, that is, thickening of the skin. It is formed within 1-2 months after solar insolation and is one of the protective mechanisms of the skin exposed to UV radiation.

Hormonal creams

They help with allergic rashes, as they have a high anti-inflammatory effect. It would seem that this is what we need. An no.

“Hormonal creams or ointments are often used in modern cosmetology as a way of self-treatment. In particular, there are combined hormonal agents containing antibiotics. Girls are very fond of these funds, because with their help, as if by magic, inflammatory elements disappear in 1-2 days. And no additional treatment is needed. As a result, these creams are often “addicted” and used for many years. Something else is more important. Often after them, patients come to see a doctor already with a more severe disease called rosacea. This is a vascular disease. In this case, it develops as a disease caused by drugs. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to apply hormonal creams on the face, if this is not done according to the doctor’s prescription and without control. Even a single application of this product can lead to rosacea, ”the expert warns.

Sex won’t help

Teenagers and even some adults still believe that acne is directly related to intimate life. Allegedly, as soon as it becomes stable, or appears at all, the hormonal background will stabilize, rashes will disappear on the skin.

We have to disappoint: the presence of a sexual life is not a panacea in the fight against acne. At a minimum, you will have to reconsider your diet, and girls will also have to give up layering in makeup.

“This opinion was common in the days of our parents and grandparents. It is due to the fact that by the time people entered into sexual activity, due to age-related characteristics, acne was gone. To date, these recommendations are not relevant. It is better to pay attention to the fact that girls now use a huge amount of cosmetics that support and provoke acne.

Another factor is nutrition. Teenagers consume a large amount of fast carbohydrates, preservatives and fast food. All this leads to the pathology of the sebaceous glands and the formation of the pathological composition of sebum. There is too much food in our lives, so when you have sex, you do not need to count on a therapeutic effect and expect an improvement in skin condition, ”says our expert. Sad but true!

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