Unpleasant diseases that you can get from your partner

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No matter how much we fight for gender equality, the male body in its biology is more resistant to certain diseases than the female body.

It is logical that many people have a question: how can possible partner problems affect women’s health?

Sexual infections

Let’s start with what lies on the surface: STIs are sexually transmitted infections. Let me remind you that they include chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, trichomoniasis, herpes (both type 1 and type 2), HIV, HPV, pubic lice. The anatomy of a woman is such that her body is more susceptible to these pathogenic protozoa, bacteria and viruses for several reasons:

  • the vaginal mucosa is much thinner, fragile and vulnerable than the skin on the penis;
  • a woman “takes” biological material into herself and retains it for a certain time, while a man, on the contrary, splashes it out;
  • the vagina, where it is dark, warm and optimally moist, is the ideal thermostat for the growth of many microorganisms.
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That is why even a casual acquaintance without long-term obligations for a woman is more likely to end in a “sex disease” than for a man who is briefly turned by a stranger.

In addition, women are also quite careless: they often confuse the symptoms of STIs with something else, for example, with “thrush”. The need to wear panty liners does not bother us at all. But for a man, any inappropriate moisture from the head of the penis is a reason for terrible anxiety and a trip to the doctor. The brutal macho will also turn to the doctor in case of any visual change in the aesthetics of his dignity. But sores as a result of herpes or syphilis inside the vagina can go unnoticed for a long time.

And most importantly: STIs in men, as a rule, do not have irreparable consequences for them in the form of infertility, they do not have an ectopic pregnancy. The most common infection – HPV, which is associated with cervical cancer in women, in most cases does not affect the state of men’s health at all.

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