Urolithiasis: how to avoid and how to treat

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There are medicines that contribute to both the dissolution of the stone and its independent discharge from the body. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to solve the problem without surgical intervention. Tactics depend on many factors. Including the type of stones.

oxalate stones

They are formed due to the accumulation of oxalic acid in the body. And acid accumulates due to an imbalance in the acid-base balance. This problem usually affects overweight people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. The formation of oxalate stones is facilitated by foods such as sorrel, spinach, rose hips, and currants. Excess consumption of coffee (more than one cup a day) and chocolate also increase the risk. And lower their magnesium and vitamin B6. Magnesium can be obtained from peas, buckwheat, beans, watermelons, apples, dried apricots, and B6 is found in abundance in fish, liver, walnuts and sea buckthorn.

Oxalate stones are hard, durable black formations. To get rid of them, the method of contact crushing, or lithotripsy, is suitable. Lithotripsy can be ultrasonic, laser or pneumatic. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages – they are already discussed individually in each case.

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