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It would seem that the impressions of the vacation are still so fresh in the memory, and the body again insistently begins to demand rest. Alas, you will have to refuse a trip to the resort, and even forget about a week or two at home. The maximum that we can afford in the midst of the “fourth quarter” is to switch off from problems at the weekend. Let’s try to dedicate at least one day a week to our health, maybe we’ll make it to the next “well-deserved rest”?

Sleep is the best medicine for the nervous system.But it is with her that, according to doctors, all our ailments begin. Including infectious diseases. So sleep in on the weekend to your heart’s content. And do not jump up habitually hastily. Stretch, arch in bed – let your long-suffering spine crackle, intertwined fingers crunch and ring thinly in your ears. It would be nice to add a little charge. But we’re so lazy, so lazy…

And now morning shower – of course, contrasting, so that the body “twisted” in unhealthy workloads cheers up and takes its “starting position”. Wear something natural and not pretentious. Let the body rest from synthetics, and from tightness, and from smartness. Well, now it’s time to eat…

On Health Day, the usual coffee, alcohol and bacon and eggs are replaced with products that can make your life easier not only for today, but also for several days ahead, and also to at least partially correct the damage of the erratic eating of the past week. So, today you have for breakfast – yogurt, muesli with dried fruits, any juice; for lunch – fresh cabbage salad, baked sea fish with a side dish of potatoes, green peas or broccoli, bran bread, mineral water, baked apples; for dinner – a dish of soy products, fruit salad, something sour-milk to your taste. However, do not forget that you need to replenish the energy lost and prepare the body for a new “race”. To benefit from kilocalories, draw additional strength from dried fruits, dates, bananas, and good chocolate.

Well, after a light breakfast – all the same for charging. Alas, it will not be possible to build muscle or lose weight by exercising once a week. But it is possible to carry out the prevention of a mass of diseases: pinching of the vertebral nerves, flat feet, increased myopia. However, everything is in order:

Well, now – on the street. It is not necessary (although very welcome) to go to the gym or to the pool. You can go to the park with a dog or to the cottage for potatoes. The main thing is far and on foot, in comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. At this time, you can put your health concerns out of your head: it’s better to mess with a dog or a child, or philosophize with your interlocutor – the main thing is not to think about business and illness. And the fresh cold air and vigorous walking, “dispersing the blood”, will do their job.

After lunch, be sure to rest. I think after a long walk and eating, it will not be difficult for you to fall asleep. If there was no time to walk or the weather is “non-flying”, sleep after dinner with an open window: combine the useful with the pleasant, but you won’t have time to freeze. Just do not get carried away – otherwise you will not be able to go to bed on time in the evening, and therefore, you will start the working week without getting enough sleep.

Soak your tired feet in the evening in a hot tub with an infusion of chamomile or sea salt, as well as coniferous extract – all these products have a tonic property. Massage the steamed feet: first, just stroke them, and then knead them with effort with your thumbs. If after such a procedure you pour cold water on your feet or wipe them with a piece of ice, weekly fatigue will disappear without a trace.

And even better – go to the bath. With a real fragrant birch broom, a bast washcloth and a thermos of fragrant linden tea. The undeniable effect of the Russian steam bath is not only physical cleansing and rejuvenation, but also an incomparable feeling of relaxation and peace. If you take a steam bath correctly, be sure to relieve the load of accumulated fatigue, stress, anxiety, nervousness. From which, as we have already said, all our sores …

Lada Shigantsova

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