Vegetative dystonia – is there such a disease

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Just as an airplane can be controlled by an autopilot, so in humans, the control of the main life support functions is carried out by the so-called autonomic nervous system. Translated from Latin, vegetative means “vegetative”. It is more correct to call it autonomous, that is, partially independent of our mental activity. It allows our brain to free itself for creative tasks by delegating routine powers to its “autopilot”.

Its activity is carried out by two main departments: sympathetic and parasympathetic. Like scales, they try to balance the body’s response to stress and external stimuli. Normally, these systems provide control of the heart rate, maintaining the necessary level of oxygen saturation of the body. For example, while running, the heart rate should increase, while at rest it should decrease. But with dystonia, one of the systems is outweighed – and a chain reaction begins: without external reasons, the heartbeat rises or slows down, breathing is disturbed, etc.

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What is dystonia

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