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Each selfie of 70-year-old Alla Pugacheva delights her audience on the social network. A few years ago, Alla Borisovna noticeably lost weight (before that, the singer had unsuccessfully struggled with being overweight all her life) and has since continued to get prettier. There are practically no wrinkles on her face. What is it: correctly exposed light or quality care plus luck with genetics? Recently, the People’s Artist answered a question from journalists about plastic surgery: “I did small braces under local anesthesia.” The artist was banned from general anesthesia due to heart problems.

“We see a perfectly even chin, the singer has no adipose tissue in the platysma (chin) area and excess tissue on the upper and lower eyelids. In some photos, the nose, as they say, looks up – it is possible that the tip was corrected. Definitely there was a circular facelift, most likely an endoscopic forehead lift (raising the level of the eyebrows), platysmaplasty – a neck lift. And yes, the above operations were performed under general anesthesia, of course.

Perfectionism is to blame

The famous actress Vera Alentova is often accused of abusing the services of plastic surgeons, saying that the star of the film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears” has become unrecognizable with age. The artist never comments on such rumors, but often emphasizes that she is a perfectionist in everything related to her profession. And appearance is the working tool of any actress.

Meanwhile, experts agree that Alentova has repeatedly done a circular facelift, blepharoplasty, filler correction and more. Perhaps the actress was unhappy with the changes and turned to specialists over and over again? As a result, the eyelids became asymmetrical, and too active skin tension led to the fact that the nasolacrimal grooves moved to the cheekbones.

“Unfortunately, there was an unsuccessful facelift. The world of plastic surgery has long come to the vertical vector of facial tension, and here we see a horizontal one. Because of this, there was a deformation of the mouth and the whole face. The functionality is preserved, I’m talking about aesthetics. Repeated operations will not help here, alas, since there is simply no extra tissue that could resolve the current situation … ”

Is it all about the mask?

Sofia Rotaru at 72, without exaggeration, looks amazing. A clear oval of the face, regular features, a high forehead, own lips, no narrow eyes or skin stretched at the temples (a sure sign of a circular facelift). There are even stories about this! As if Rotaru wears a silicone mask on his face … Allegedly, plastic makeup is applied to his face before each appearance in public, which can rejuvenate (or age – depending on the task) anyone.

The director of the artist recently only laughed at these rumors, explaining that his ward is simply a beautiful woman who has been following her shape for many years: she keeps a diet, takes care of her skin with trusted cosmetologists – nothing more. Sofia Mikhailovna herself notes that the grandchildren in the family do not call her grandmother. It is understandable – the language will not turn.

Women without complexes

Are there any stars in Russian show business? Who do not hide surgical interventions? Yes, there are. This is Lolita and Larisa Guzeeva.

So, for example, the singer, who recently went through her fifth divorce, admitted a couple of years ago that she had undergone blepharoplasty (they say that the skin of the eyelids stretched from constant makeup), and then “cut off” her chin, which “climbed from any angle.” “This is not a whim, but a thing necessary for work. Now I can at least turn in profile, otherwise in the last year I just couldn’t do it, because the muscles sagged from the vocals. Moreover, Lolita believes: hiding your age is stupid, any numbers are on the Web. Yes, and only those who are dissatisfied with their appearance hide it. The singer is not one of them. In addition, she strongly recommends some procedures, such as liposuction. Like, inexpensively, quickly and easily you can get rid of the hateful fat reserves. Sitting on a diet is not in the spirit of the singer.

“If we talk about the face, then Lolita had a platysmaplasty, a facelift, Bish’s lumps were probably removed, since we see sunken cheeks. And blepharoplasty, of course, took place, as the tired look disappeared. Commenting on the chin, it is immediately clear that the threads would be useless here, since it is heavy in itself. But the work has been done worthy – we see the result, which was worth it.”

Sharp-tongued Larisa Guzeeva often pours confessions. The TV presenter does not hide that she did blepharoplasty and was pleased with the result. The operation made it possible to get rid of drooping eyelids and tired-looking bags under the eyes. “It was scary, but the result is worth it,” the actress admitted.

“Guzeeva has very well made eyes – this is blepharoplasty of the upper and lower eyelids. I see that the chin is corrected – there is either a mini-lift or liposuction with threads. The threads, if any, had a good effect, since she did not have pronounced ptosis and initially did not have a heavy chin. That is, this option is not for everyone. If there is a lot of excess fabric (weight), then the threads will simply be useless.

What are the signs of having plastic surgery? If after 50 years a woman has no cheekbones, a clearly standing zygomatic zone, if the eyelids are not lowered and we see a clear chin with no ptosis, then with a high degree of probability we say that there have been visits to a specialist. And yes, it needs to be done on time.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that the visits of stars to plastic surgeons are often regular. But the best results are obtained by those who have found their doctor, turn to him in a timely manner and follow their appearance all their lives. For excess weight, addictions and the habit of being nervous can nullify the efforts of any specialist.

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