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Supermodel and mother of many children, Natalia Vodianova, remains a role model for many: she has made a dizzying career, is raising five children and is preparing to marry the son of one of the richest people on the planet. There is a lot of controversy regarding Natalya’s appearance: some admire her puppet type and fragile figure, others are sure that you will not pay attention to her in life. Vodianova has repeatedly said that she never considered herself beautiful, and at the beginning of her career, many in the industry were embarrassed by her wide-backed nose. Some are sure that the girl did rhinoplasty. The model herself assures that she did not have to resort to the services of a surgeon: after the first birth, she lost a lot of weight – she “lost weight” and her nose, her career went uphill. We have reached out to our expert for comment.

“Natalia Vodianova did not change the shape of her nose – this can be seen both in old and fresh photos. The shape of the nose is the same, the nostrils (an important indicator) have not changed.

Rhinoplasty can most often be determined by the reference form, if this form is not specific to the structure of the face of one or another racial affiliation. Also, it can be determined by standard errors in rhinoplasty and template complications after such operations. For example: a specifically lowered tip of the nose, poorly stitched sutures at the base of the nostrils. I repeat, Vodianova doesn’t have this, she didn’t do anything with her nose.

Todorenko’s harmonic correction

Regina Todorenko, who recently found herself at the center of a high-profile scandal and lost all advertising contracts, never complained about her appearance. The girl was lucky by nature: her bright features and friendly character always attracted people to her. The ex-leader of “Eagle and Tails” has achieved a lot thanks to charisma and charm, however, haters slander, the girl clearly corrected her appearance. In particular, some are sure that she did her nose – the changes can be seen by comparing old and fresh photographs.

“Judging by the photo of Regina Todorenko, one can assume a nose job. But let’s not forget that you should not focus on photos in the glossy press, Instagram and on TV. Various publications retouch photos even without the knowledge of the heroes. This is the norm for many publications. By the shape of the lips, you can see that most likely there was a correction with a filler based on hyaluronic acid. Quite successful and harmonious, in my opinion.

When big breasts are not fun

Not a single interview with Ekaterina Varnava is complete without a question about plastic surgery. Their star is constantly credited. Experts say that the 35-year-old Varnava did rhinoplasty, removed Bish’s lumps, and practices correction with fillers. The Comedy Woman star in a recent interview with Ksenia Sobchak frankly spoke about two breast correction operations: the girl reduced her – she initially wore the sixth size, which caused her a lot of inconvenience. The star did two operations: the first was unsuccessful. Regarding fillers, Ekaterina noted that she had tried them on herself, but she did not like the effect.

“We can definitely say that the girl corrected the shape of her lips and their volume. As for rhinoplasty – most likely I allow it, but we will return to the information above, about retouching in the media. Most likely, eyelid surgery was performed, since the eye socket of the upper eyelid became more open compared to earlier photos. And as far as I know, the girl lost a lot of weight, and in this case, facial features change dramatically. Often these changes are blamed on plastic surgery, which is not always fair.”

Is it all about the massage?

Svetlana Loboda is often reproached for her love of tuning, saying that the singer obviously did rhinoplasty and does not spare fillers to preserve the volume of her lips. The star claims that she did not do plastic surgery, and her favorite procedure is facial massage (a popular Facebook building) and body. Skeptics shake their heads, saying that it’s enough to watch the old videos of VIA Gra, where Loboda sang for some time, to see the difference. Our expert also saw a lot of changes.

“It can be assumed that nose plastic surgery, eyelid surgery, correction of the shape and volume of the lips, as well as contour plastic surgery of facial features were performed. But in her image, everything looks quite bright and harmonious.

plump lips go out of fashion

Anna Sedokova is getting prettier day by day. The singer is raising three children, is experiencing a new romance with basketball player Janis Timma and periodically brings new projects to the court of her fans. The singer does not hide the fact that she is trying to lose weight a little, but it does not always work out – the love of high-calorie food outweighs. The former soloist of VIA Gra never recognized facial contouring, but some of her subscribers are sure that she had a place to be. It is enough to look at the clips of the popular group of the 2002 model, when the red-haired (at that time) Sedokova entered it.

“One can definitely note the contouring of the face with fillers and the obvious correction of the shape of the lips – repeated. Also, most likely, there was a nose and eyelid surgery. Perhaps, judging by the shape of the eyebrows and their level, an endoscopic forehead lift. By the way, plump lips are out of trend. What is relevant? Open eyelids with a deep, pronounced crease of the upper eyelid, straight nose, raised temporal zone in the style of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

Photo: GlobalLookPress, Instagram

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