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Burns are one of the most common traumatic injuries in the world. It is believed that the most “popular” among burns is a household thermal burn resulting from exposure to high temperatures on the skin.

Most often, the troubles associated with this type of burns occur in the kitchen, during cooking, the second place in the list of dangers is occupied by electric heaters (radiators, irons, tongs, and others). The third place is shared between outdoor recreation, where it is customary to make fires, and automotive “themes” (burns from a motorcycle exhaust pipe, contact with hot car components, etc.)

Of course, we won’t even remember after a couple of weeks that a drop of hot oil from a frying pan got on our hand or how we accidentally touched the iron. Such small burns, as a rule, bring discomfort for only a few days and disappear without a trace. But if a deeper and more extensive burn occurs, treatment is required. Goodshapetips advises how to provide first aid and avoid post-burn scars.

It is useful to know how to provide first aid for household thermal burns. First you need to urgently cool the affected area of ​​​​the body by substituting it under a stream of cold running water, or lower it into a container with clean ice water. This will help stop inflammation, prevent possible swelling and significantly reduce pain.

Do not apply fats and oils to the surface of the burn, this will only contribute to the development of infection and increase pain! Burnt tissue is very vulnerable, it loses almost all protective properties and therefore needs to be sterilized.

If, as a result of a burn, the skin only turned red, then it is worth carefully lubricating the wound with an antiseptic solution, but not with alcohol or cologne. If blisters form on the skin, it is necessary to apply a sterile bandage and in no case pierce the blisters, they protect the burn surface from infection. After giving first aid, it is recommended to immediately consult a doctor!

Unfortunately, the healing process of a serious burn almost always ends with the formation of pathological scars. The affected area of ​​the skin differs in color from the rest of the cover, acquires a red tint and looks extremely unaesthetic. It will help in solving this problem contractubex gel, designed specifically for the treatment of scar tissue.

It contains active ingredients that promote the healing process of the skin, regulate the formation of scar tissue and thus have a positive effect on scar formation. The composition of the gel includes:

– onion extractwhich has anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties, prevents excessive formation of scar tissue;

– heparin softens the structure of the tissue, and also has anti-inflammatory and antiproliferative properties, supports the regeneration of cells and tissues;

– allantoinwidely used in cosmetic medicine, promotes wound healing, has a softening effect, is able to penetrate the skin as a conductor of other medicinal components and relieve itching.

Contractubex does not leave marks on clothes, has almost no smell and does not require medical skills for application. It is enough just to rub the gel with light circular movements into the non-inflamed burn surface several times a day. Depending on the degree of the burn and the prescription of its receipt, the drug should be used regularly for from one month to six months.

A burn is a serious stress for the body, which has to start the regeneration process and at the same time fight infections that attack an unprotected area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe skin. The main task of our body is to “patch” the damaged area as soon as possible, without caring about the aesthetic side of the issue.

Therefore, it is so important to take additional measures to prevent the formation of post-burn scars and scars.

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