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Who among us, before having breakfast at home, has not satisfied his hunger with fast food, namely cheeseburgers, hamburgers, mouth-watering hot buns with fried sausage, toast with trendy peanut butter and jam, or the most common sandwiches with butter, sausage or cheese?

Agree, such food is very convenient. It is prepared quickly, eaten at a pace (as a rule, either on the way to the garage, or in the car, or at work for morning coffee or tea), very satisfying (after eating such a breakfast, you will no longer want to have lunch or dinner) and quite tasty.

Maybe that’s why few of us think about the pitfalls of such messy snacking. One of which is the right path to fullness, and the second is the acquisition of all kinds of sores associated with it.

But is it really true that after eating a couple of “quick” sandwiches, we are able to add extra weight to ourselves in record time? It turns out that it is. Everyone knows that due to the significant reduction in physical activity when constantly sitting somewhere in an office or student classroom and the energy costs associated with it, we must also significantly reduce the total amount of food consumed as a source of energy. Otherwise, we are threatened with overweight and all the charms associated with it: hypertension, caries, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.

However, we prefer to sincerely believe that the products that we consume on the run every day contain very little fat – just one sandwich, just one hot dog … Therefore, we have some of the above troubles certainly nothing threatens … And we are completely mistaken at the same time. because in fact, the “quick” sandwiches that we love so much, stuffed with all sorts of goodies, are already excessively fatty in themselves from the very beginning. And if you add on the fat that is added during the preparation of this fast food … In general, solid cholesterol and additional calories that do not disappear anywhere.

Not only is the excess content of fats, which are simply overloaded with calories in this food, the most important factor leading in turn to excess weight, but the most unpleasant thing is that it is completely impossible to completely destroy the then formed fat cell – it can only be forced to change their sizes. And that with great difficulty.

Unconvincing? Please: nitrites, which are added to most sausages, sausages and other meat products to give them the appropriate color, turn into carcinogens in the stomach. True, vitamin C is able to block the formation of these substances (sauerkraut, black currants, citrus fruits, tomatoes, some varieties of apples are rich in them), but these, of course, tasty foods somehow do not go very well with smoked sausage or a piece of ham. In addition, we are unlikely to be able to eat fresh currants on the go, along with another sandwich. It is worth recalling that frying in a pan in oil or on an open fire (namely, this is how all fast food products are usually prepared) also causes the formation of carcinogens.

But what to do if fatty “quick” foods are tastier, they quickly give a feeling of satiety, they do not require thorough chewing? Here we are chewing non-stop. And then we can’t fit into any of our pretty dresses, skirts and suits. After that, we come to despair from the fact that we are no longer able to wear anything else, except for a long wide sweater, a knitted one-size-fits-all skirt … and that’s it.

And then we begin to rewrite each other’s unthinkable diets, not for a moment thinking about the root of evil. While a more civilized humanity has long been eating differently. Today, the number of those whose diet is dominated by carbohydrates with much more useful fiber, trace elements and vitamins for the body. This style of eating – with an excess of vegetables and fruits, low-fat meat, poultry, dairy and grain products – is considered the most rational and healthy throughout the world.

Still don’t believe? Then let’s resort to statistics that more than eloquently prove that every second patient who is being treated for obesity and related diseases (well, we are far from that, of course!) Is a regular visitor to fast food restaurants. From a medical point of view, backed up by numerous studies, fast food is super unhealthy food. Nutritionists do not recommend eating these foods often, much less constantly. However, as experience shows, all these warnings, as a rule, are not taken seriously by anyone in our country.

Are you one of those stubborn people, and your desire to continue to eat only sandwiches has not wavered in the least? Well, it remains only to advise to try at least to change the composition of the products included in them.

Firstly, eat not white bread, but bread with bran from wholemeal flour. Grain bread is inexpensive, sold in many bakeries and supermarkets and comes in several varieties – with the addition of oatmeal, raisins, poppy seeds. Replace sweet rolls with unleavened ones. By the way, do you know that a slice of bread contains almost 2 times less calories than half the size of a piece of cheese that we love to throw on these very sandwiches? True, here we are talking about the usual fatty cheese. But today you can find a worthy alternative to him – low-fat cheeses.

Secondly, spread on bread not butter, but, for example, low-fat cottage cheese or jam with fructose. Thirdly, add the most useful products to it – green vegetables, tomatoes, lemons, mushrooms, various greens.

… And fourthly, try to still make it a rule: when you feel unbearable to chew – buy not a hamburger or a hot dog, but apples, dried apricots, prunes or banal seeds. At least try to do it!


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