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We have a complicated relationship with gynecology. Every decent woman knows that “you should go to the gynecologist at least once a year.” Some people think twice a year. Some – that once every three years (as provided for by the medical examination for compulsory medical insurance). In the end, you can set the frequency for yourself, based on your own fears. But it would be nice to understand what should happen in the doctor’s office. After all, a visit in itself will not save you from any diseases, just like a stamp on the card “examination was carried out, no pathologies were detected.”

It often turns out that the doctor does not carry out those diagnostic procedures that are really required, but those that he is not too lazy to carry out now. Or those that are provided for by your VHI policy. Or those for which, as he thinks, you have enough money in cash.

In fact, certain standards exist even in Russia, and as long as nothing hurts you, you should adhere to them.

Both a mammologist and a gynecologist can refer you for an ultrasound or mammography. More about this – here. Now let’s deal with the rest.

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Pap smears at the gynecologist

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