What are moles talking about?

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No one knows exactly why we need moles. Someone argues that this is how the body protects itself from the harmful effects of the environment, others believe that the abundance of moles increases the risk of skin cancer.

Even magical properties were attributed to moles – according to their location on the body, they predicted fate and determined the innate talents of people. It was believed that the abundance of moles promises wealth … so what is a mole?

A mole is a benign neoplasm of the skin. They come in different shapes and sizes: flat (pigmented) and rising above the level of the skin (warty moles), on a leg.

Sizes from one millimeter to several centimeters (such large moles are commonly called birthmarks), their surface can be clean or covered with hair. There are vascular moles – angiomas, which have a burgundy color and turn pale when pressed.

The most common and most familiar type of mole for us is pigmented. Usually moles appear on our body in the first years of life, during puberty, during pregnancy. The sun’s rays provoke the appearance of moles. By themselves, they are not dangerous.

But do not forget that any benign neoplasm can become malignant. If the mole begins to change, be sure to urgently see an oncologist. Unfortunately, in the city, our skin is subject to constant harmful effects and traumatization, which greatly increases the risk of degeneration of skin formations.

It is especially worth paying attention to yourself:

  • fair-skinned people
  • people with freckles
  • Pregnant
  • Frequent sunbathers
  • People with a lot of moles and age spots
  • If the mole is larger than 5 mm in diameter

In cosmetology, such a service as the removal of moles is now very common. A fairly simple procedure that takes a few minutes. Happy visitors happily leave the beauty salon, not suspecting that this reduced mole can still very menacingly remind of itself.

Any mole has so-called roots that extend deep into the skin. and occupy a larger area than itself. It is these roots that carry a hidden threat. Any injury to a mole can lead to skin cancer.

Precautionary measures

If the mole is removed incorrectly, then its roots remain and are reborn, causing cancer. Of course, it is better not to touch the moles and not to remove them.

But if you decide on this procedure, then it should be performed only by an oncologist in a medical institution, and not by a cosmetologist in the salon.

Unfortunately, the rebirth of a mole can occur for no apparent reason.

What metamorphoses that occurred with a mole should alert?

  • Redness of the skin around the mole
  • Pain or itching of a mole
  • mole growth
  • Darkening of a mole
  • Rough edges of a mole
  • Abundant appearance of new moles
  • Bleeding from a mole
  • Rapid hair growth on a mole

How to behave in order to reduce the risk of degeneration of a mole?

  • Limit sun exposure. Avoid sunburn
  • Do not injure the skin area with a mole – do not scratch, rub, do not tattoo, pierce
  • Avoid exposure to chemicals that cause burns, skin irritation
  • Remove moles only in specialized clinics under the supervision of an oncologist
  • If there are a large number of moles or age spots on the body, then overheating of the body should be avoided – refuse to visit the sauna, steam rooms in the bath
  • Seek medical attention if there is a slight change in the mole

Skin cancer is a highly malignant and rapidly metastasizing disease. A focus less than 1 cm is able to give multiple metastases throughout the body. Moles are benign neoplasms, but still, this is already a mutation of skin cells. Everyone has them, the process of their formation occurs almost constantly and you should not be afraid of this. Simply following some rules and taking care of your skin will protect you from possible serious problems. Therefore, I want to urge all readers to be attentive to themselves and wish to always be healthy and beautiful!

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