What awaits men after 40?

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Examples of premature departure from the life of forty-year-olds, full of strength people, famous actors, singers, who work hard and quickly burn out, are well known. The leading specialist of the clinic of the Moscow Institute of Cybernetic Medicine, physician of the highest category A. Ovchinnikov talks about the causes that affect men’s health and how to correct them.

– Alexey Anatolyevich, what does a man’s health depend on?

  • Primarily, from the man himself, his way of life. Well, more specifically, it depends on how preserved and compensated the functions of the vital organs, the neuroendocrine system are.

Unfortunately, we have no grounds for optimism. The average male resident of Russia does not live to be 59 years old.

The explanation is simple – indifference to health and indulgence to excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and most importantly, the lack of values ​​that determine the importance of health as the main measure of success and well-being.

– What about the money? Or “a healthy beggar is richer than a sick king”?

  • The older the man, the more clearly he begins to understand this! Do not earn money at the expense of your own health.

A man is healthy and strong, wealthy and caring, smart and muscular, athletic and determined … – this happens only in girlish dreams.

Unfortunately, the more responsible and complex the work of a man, the more likely the manifestation of symptoms of hormonal deficiency.

Regular mental overload leads to a decrease in the level of free testosterone, it has been established that the stress hormones – adrenaline and norepinephrine – are actually its antagonists.

– “Free” – is it another testosterone?

  • In the body of a man, the hormone is in two states: bound to plasma proteins and free.

Bound testosterone is like a bank account, and free testosterone is like cash in your pocket!

I saw her: eyes, figure … – “turned out his pocket, and there are only bank account numbers” … but you need free testosterone, this minute, immediately! Such is the nature of men.

And it is precisely in the amount of free testosterone that mature men of 40-70 years old differ from 20-year-old youths.

– Do you want to say that the amount of free testosterone and age can be determined?

  • Quite possible. In 16-25-year-olds – the upper limit of the norm, in 40-year-olds – between the middle and its minimum, and in 55-year-olds and older – the level is close to the lower limit.

According to American scientists, the level of free testosterone has been declining since the age of 25 at a rate of about 2-3% per year, and associated – from 50-55 years by 0.8-1.6% per year.

At the age of 80 years, the average level of bound plasma testosterone is 60% of its average level at the age of 20 years, and free – only 20%.

In the fitness clubs of Europe and the USA, you will see 50-60-year-old men fit, pumped up, and most importantly, radiating energy and feeling confident in any situation … And all this thanks to …

– … Viagra?!

  • Not at all. Thanks to substitution hormone therapy. The art of the doctor is to evaluate all its pluses and minuses, to build an adequate and effective scheme.

– And why is your diagnostic program called “Man after 40”?

  • In principle, we are treated by men and older.

Just a decrease in the production of free testosterone in the body becomes noticeable after 40 years.

The complexion changes and the hair thins, “bags” appear under the eyes, the figure becomes loose, dissatisfaction with oneself grows, an unpleasant phrase “looms” “prostate adenoma”…

And the decision must be made now, when you are about 40, because it is much easier to prevent the disease than to treat it in the future.

– There is a feeling that you greatly exaggerate the value of testosterone.

  • Against. Doctors are well aware that the density and integrity of bone and muscle tissue, impaired fat and carbohydrate metabolism, cardiological and psycho-emotional disorders are closely related to free testosterone deficiency.

In addition, the influence of stress, diseases of internal organs, infection and intoxication also affects its level.

But this is correctable. It all depends on the desire and strength of character of the man himself.

Is there a link between testosterone levels and heart disease?

  • Please. The myocardium is a heart muscle, which means that its tone directly depends on the level of testosterone.

A person can be treated for heart disease, and the reason lies in the deficiency of free testosterone, which is responsible not only for the synthesis of proteins in the myocardium, but also contributes to the expansion of the coronary arteries and the normalization of cholesterol levels.

By the way, testosterone is formed from cholesterol. Therefore, the lack of free testosterone suggests that cholesterol was not used for its production, which means that it will now be deposited on the walls of blood vessels.

– Convinced! What are the contraindications for hormone replacement therapy in men?

  • Prostate cancer. You will be surprised, but all our troubles associated with the prostate gland, one way or another, depend on the main female hormone – estradiol.

And this is what we women are to blame for?

  • And in this! It is estradiol that is the culprit of adenoma and even prostate cancer.

Therefore, first of all, it is necessary complete examination of the whole body, be sure to include studies directly related to men’s health.

To do this, we have created the diagnostic program “Man after 40”.

– I hope that our conversation will make the representatives of the stronger sex think.

  • I am sure that thanks to timely diagnosis and rational medical correction, it is possible to prevent the development of serious complications, which means that men’s health and well-being can be maintained for a long time.

Interviewed by Alla Barskaya

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