What celebrities look like who have given up plastic surgery, Botox and fillers

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Chulpan Khamatova

We hear about the 45-year-old actress and philanthropist in connection with her new work in cinema, theater and projects of the Podari Zhizn charity foundation. The appearance of Khamatova is extremely rarely discussed: the artist does not give reasons, she is clearly the least concerned about how she looks. Although some time ago everyone was delighted with the change in the image of Khamatova – for the next role she became a blonde.

In life, a mother of many children rarely visits a beautician: fillers and Botox are not her story. Khamatova loves massage, uses expensive creams (among her favorites is Sublimage by Chanel), carefully cleanses her skin of stage makeup with La Roche-Posay products. That’s all. According to the actress, sleep, regular stretching exercises and positive emotions do much more for a woman’s appearance than endless procedures at cosmetologists. Khamatova notices: she is not against Botox, but you need to understand that facial expressions change with him, and for an actress, her face is a working tool.

Julia Vysotskaya

The 47-year-old actress recently discussed on her YouTube channel that she has not yet decided on Botox and more global procedures with a beautician. She is simply scared, because the results of some colleagues are not encouraging: a frozen forehead, a swollen face, strained eyes are not something to strive for. Although the desire to preserve youth is understandable to any woman. According to Vysotskaya, Nicole Kidman is an example of a beautiful and talented actress who at some point went too far with beauty injections and plastic surgery. As a result, looking at her in the TV series “Play Back”, you are not watching acting, but the unnatural face of a once beautiful woman.

The wife of Andrei Konchalovsky explains that fillers are not suitable for women with small features – they make them heavier, and the camera makes them extra fat. The actress is even more afraid of injections based on hyaluronic acid, as it attracts water, hence the effect of an apple poured from the inside.

“I never liked my full muzzle, I always liked my muzzle with sunken cheeks. And I’m afraid that they will mutilate me, that I won’t like the result, ”says Vysotskaya.

Ekaterina Andreeva

At 59, the TV presenter looks at least twenty years younger. She does not hide the fact that she makes a lot of efforts in the fight for youth, but these are definitely not trips to a plastic surgeon. Andreeva regularly shares photos and videos of her visits to cosmetologists and doctors with subscribers. The telediva does acupuncture, massage with silver sticks, gold masks, regularly undergoes detox procedures, practices yoga and eats right. According to Andreeva, even giving up sugar and alcohol works wonders – try to do without them for a couple of months and see the result in the mirror.

Natalya Vodyanova

You will say that the supermodel is only 39 years old and she has excellent genetics – they say, what kind of plastic and cosmetology? But we know many examples of Vodyanova’s peers who have been injecting Botox for a long time and practicing beauty injections. They also do plastic surgery. Natalia Vodianova, in a conversation with the former editor-in-chief of Vogue magazine, said that she was afraid of Botox – she saw many examples of her beautiful friends who suddenly began to look the same. A mother of many children takes care of her face with the help of face gymnastics, which is practiced by her friend and godmother of one of the children. Natalia regularly does facial exercises, forcing her muscles to work.

“Don’t be afraid to stretch your face! Pull your hair well before going to bed, rub your forehead – you will ensure blood flow to your face and scalp. It’s very nice. I see from my most beautiful girlfriends who inject Botox that their skin is still covered with a network of small, fine wrinkles over time, since the skin does not receive moisture from the inside. Botox first relaxes the muscles, but then atrophy occurs, ”Vodyanova shared in an interview at the height of the pandemic.

In fairness, it should be noted that the supermodel periodically uploads photos in which you can see her facial expressions: wrinkles on her forehead, eyebrows with a “house”, circles under her eyes – Vodianova does not think to hide them.

Alena Khmelnitskaya

The ex-wife of Tigran Keosayan, at the age of 50, looks at a maximum of 38. According to the actress, she would be glad to inject Botox, but the drug simply “does not take” her, that is, it does not work. The star of the film “Silver Lily of the Valley” resorted to injections a couple of times, but realized that they did not give the desired effect.

“You know, I’m in the two percent of the population that he doesn’t take. I hope that over time they will invent another effective means, ”Khmelnitskaya states with a laugh. As a result, the actress relies on massages, good creams and facial exercises. As long as that’s enough.

Expert comment

Refusing the services of plastic surgeons, injections of fillers and Botox is the personal choice of every woman. And this is not a synonym for the refusal of facial care in principle! All of the above celebrities, I think, do not neglect high-quality facial care. There are also courses of massages, moisturizing procedures, high-quality creams. In general, self-care is a complex work. You can’t do nothing for years, and then with the help of a magic wand get a tightened oval and good skin. You need to monitor yourself constantly, since now there are a lot of ways, including quite budget ones. You can also master gymnastics for the face – absolutely free, the main thing is to do it regularly and on time.

If deep creases have formed, there will be no result. It is worth starting on time, and even better, consult a beautician who will evaluate the skin, the type of aging and select the appropriate care.

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