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Headache very often affects our mood, our ability to work and rest, and in some cases it can turn our personal life into a nightmare! Why is this happening? Why does the head hurt? Doctors have come to the conclusion that our health largely depends on our emotions, on how sharply we react to life’s difficulties, how often we get angry at others. Emotional factors in many people play an important role in causing headaches, and sometimes these causes can be decisive. But not the only ones…

Some headaches can indeed be psychogenic in nature (i.e., be caused by a special emotional state, for example, with the development of depression).

But the causes that cause pain can be severe stress, and anxiety, and anxiety, as well as an internal feeling of guilt, anger, or fear. The fact is that these emotional states can lead to prolonged contraction of the muscles of the face, skin, shoulders, neck. In this case, pain develops.

Headache prevention

Amines, nitrites, caffeine…
Vascular headaches can also be caused by eating foods to which the person is sensitive, especially foods containing amines or nitrites. Nitrites have been used for centuries to preserve meat, to give it a special taste and pinkish color. Nitrites are found in canned ham, corned beef, hot dogs, salami, and bacon.

Amines can cause headaches by causing blood vessels to contract and then dilate. this leads to a pain response. Amines are found in foods such as wine, cheese, marinades, mustard, peppers, liver, kidneys, pork, smoked meats, bananas, plums, pineapples, legumes (beans, soybeans), nuts, onions, chocolate, vanilla, citrus fruits, soy sauce.
We are not talking about treating these foods like poisons! But if you suffer from headaches – listen to yourself!
Caffeine increases the risk of headaches, not due to vasoconstriction, but due to a secondary effect, as a result of which vasodilation occurs after the effect of caffeine ends. Drinks containing caffeine: coffee, tea, cocoa, cola.

**_What are you missing?

Iron deficiency_** increases the risk of headaches due to reduced oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. To compensate for the lack of oxygen, the blood vessels dilate more than normal, which can trigger a headache. Good sources of iron are lean meats, fish, raisins, and eggs.

Most people with migraines experienceDeficiency of B vitamins, which are necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system. Stress is known for its ability to lead to vitamin B deficiency in the body. Broccoli, spinach, potatoes, eggs, nuts are rich in B vitamins.

… Many of us dream of losing weight, for some time we are able not to eat at all, and then we cannot cope with hunger. Others can not overcome the attachment to smoked meats or sweets. All of this has an impact on health. Whether we eat our fifth candy or take on our third cake, or drink our 6th cup of coffee during the day, if we want to be healthy, we should not forget about proper nutrition!
Of course, if you are worried about headaches, only a doctor can diagnose and prescribe treatment. But after leaving his office, be sure to think about prevention.

In headache prevention
Rest is of the utmost importance. The regularity of going to bed will help prevent painful phenomena, so you need to go to bed and get up at the same time, sleep a sufficient amount of time (6-8 hours), use a small pillow that easily takes the shape of the head. Sleeping on a large high pillow can lead to squeezing of blood vessels. Improving sleep, eliminating chronic fatigue (and this is a factor contributing to the onset of headaches) is the most important condition for the prevention of headaches.

… In the morning, opening your sleepy eyes, before getting out of bed, you need to slowly get out of the state of sleep. A few simple exercises – sipping, turning the legs to the right – to the left, lifting the legs in the supine position, moving the feet in different directions – will help you get in the active mood. It is better to start your day cheerful and cheerful, and if you have to spend the whole day at work sitting, after a night’s rest, a little gymnastics helps the body to adjust to work in more difficult conditions when the body is in an upright position.

You also need to lead an active lifestyle. Regular physical activity will help prevent headaches due to its influence on many of the biological and psychological mechanisms responsible for its occurrence.
20-30 minutes of regular morning exercise, jogging, swimming in the pool 3-4 times a week will significantly increase headache resistance in most people, as these are:

  • improves blood circulation, increases the flow of oxygen to tissues, helps to remove toxins (metabolic products) from tissues. Waste products are responsible for headaches;

  • increases the elasticity of blood vessels (improves the ability to expand and contract);

  • leads to strengthening of the back muscles responsible for good posture, leads to a decrease in tension in the muscles of the shoulders, neck, back;

  • reduces psychological and muscle tension that can cause headaches;

  • improves mood, which leads to overcoming depression and feelings of anxiety, which may play a role in the development of headaches.

It is also important to avoid excessive exposure to the sun and alcohol abuse, frequent smoking.

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