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In my opinion, the first thing that catches your eye when talking to a person is the teeth. You can tell a lot about a person by their teeth.

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I often hear that a dentist can “rejuvenate” a patient, help to easily lose visually 10 years – I agree. But what exactly are the changes?

External signs of aging of the teeth are the color of the enamel and its abrasion. To a greater extent, these factors influence the visual age of a person. I’ll start with color. With age, teeth become darker and take on a yellow-brown tint. It depends on many factors: changes in the structure of enamel, dentin (tissue under the enamel), pulp. The enamel of the tooth, as we know, is transparent, but the dentin has a yellow tint. And one of the factors of age-related discoloration of the teeth is the thinning of the enamel layer, so the dentin begins to shine through more. Looking ahead, I will say that for all people this process occurs in different ways, since it all depends on the individual structure of these tissues, bite, human habits, how the patient cares for his teeth, and the amount of fluid in the enamel – at a young age it more and less over time.

The phrase “Take care of your teeth from a young age” will be very appropriate here, since prevention at a young age is much more effective than in an adult.

But what can I advise you in this case, in addition to the obligatory visit to the dentist every six months, is not to abuse coloring foods, as their pigment accumulates in the enamel. For example, I drink coffee from a straw to keep my teeth as young as possible, since I don’t plan to give up my favorite drink yet. Red wine, berries, juices, cuttlefish ink paste – all these foods stain the teeth. I do not force you to refuse them at all, but by reducing their use, you will definitely prolong the youth of your teeth.

Let me also remind you how sugar and alcohol affect enamel. Sweets and soda are excellent breeding grounds for pathogens. Sugar will not only affect the figure in the best way, but will also cause the development of caries. It perfectly adheres to the surface of the teeth and feeds a huge number of pathogens that destroy the enamel in the future. After entering the oral cavity, carbohydrates break down, which makes the environment in the oral cavity acidic, and in an acidic environment, the enamel is most penetrating and vulnerable. This is how caries occurs. Tip: If possible, brush your teeth after every meal, especially desserts.

The main factor that visually affects youth is bite. If a person has an incorrectly distributed chewing load, enamel abrasion occurs. And when the enamel wears away, the teeth become smaller, the lower third of the face shrinks and nasolabial folds appear. The absence of particularly chewing teeth also plays a significant role in this process.

You yourself can track your perception of a person. Who will you trust more? A person who has crooked and yellow teeth, or a person with an even and snow-white smile?

The first impression is something that cannot be repeated twice. I will not exaggerate if I say that teeth are of great importance in a person’s life. Watch their health!

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