What foods should be discarded at 30 to prolong youth, beauty and health

Health Tips

Rule 1. No alcohol

Everyone knows that a hangover can now come without having fun. If earlier it was possible to “buzz” all night long and go for a run in the morning, now three glasses of wine will be enough for morning weakness and an increase in digestion. Try replacing alcoholic beverages with fermented lemonades. Rejuvenate!

Rule 2. No cheap sweets

We can talk endlessly about the dangers of refined sugar, margarine, spreads, preservatives that are used in cakes with fresh berries and fruits. But you still won’t agree not to eat them! It’s just that the cheaper the product, the more nasty in them. It is better to buy a cake at an expensive restaurant for the price of a cake from a supermarket and eat it with pleasure. And, of course, it’s even better to cook it yourself!

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Rule 3. No to semi-finished products

They are usually of dubious quality and always contain sugar. Cook everything to the maximum yourself: salt the fish, make minced meat and sausages with ham, dumplings, sweets, sauces, pates and more.

Rule 4: Cut down on gluten

The debate about whether it is really so dangerous does not subside. And if the harm of gluten to the intestines has not been proven, then the effect on the brain has been established. For example, in America, autistic children, as well as elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, are recommended a gluten-free diet, even if intolerance is not recorded.

Rule 5. Be careful with lactose

The milk protein casein is one of the most difficult proteins for the body to digest. A person needs a lot of strength and resources to digest cheesecakes and milk, so it’s hard to train.

Rule 6

Do you know that if you start eating strictly by the clock, that is, have breakfast, for example, at 8:00, lunch at 14:00 and dinner at 19:00, and do not change the diet in any way, that is, you will eat everything the same , but in the mode, you lose weight? The regime is very important, all nutrition coaches start with it. After all, if your lunch has shifted to dinner, you will eat twice as much unhealthy food, and under the influence of food hysteria, the same fast food. And polish the top with a cake.

Rule 7. Diversify the diet

A poor diet is not cheap food, but empty food. Pasta, sausages, soda, chips, buns and sweets. If your diet is 60 percent of this list, it’s bad. And what is really surprising: such a diet is more expensive than cereals, vegetables and poultry meat. The more different foods, combinations and flavors in your diet, the richer in vitamins and minerals it will become, the greater the health benefits. It is especially recommended to pay attention to fiber. It should be at least 30 species in the weekly diet! It has been scientifically proven that people with such a diet live longer and are less susceptible to infections. Add beans, bulgur, couscous, mung beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, etc. to your diet, bake vegetables, marinate chicken, liver. Then they can be transformed into different dishes. Such “smart preparations” allow you to cook meals for the whole family for a whole week in 2 hours and free yourself up a lot of time. And when you don’t have to hang around the stove every day, then it’s easier to eat right!

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