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On Goodshapetips, we have repeatedly written about the discoveries of scientists in the field of genetics. We talked about how often our genes affect our health and even character traits in the most unpredictable and surprising ways.

It was said, for example, that genes can cause high blood pressure and problems with tooth enamel and the absorption of caffeine. However, earlier all the research of scientists could not bring any practical benefit to all those who simply wanted to know what his genes hide.

Now, anyone who wishes has the opportunity to “unravel” their DNA and read more than 500,000 gene variants. A unique service has appeared in Russia: the Atlas genetic test in the medical center of the same name, after which you can, among other things, find out if you have one of the 155 genetic diseases that can be inherited.

You can also learn about your reaction to 66 different drugs, because no one knows in advance about the unwanted side effects of any medication. Also, the test results will tell you about your origin and tell you what to look for in your health, which organ requires additional attention or examination.

What else can you find out

Almost everything, from your hair color and your body type to your health status and life expectancy, is encoded in your DNA. During the testing process, 335 indicators of your health, 40 nutritional and sports indicators, 55 personal qualities and background will be studied. That is, you will learn everything about yourself, you will be able to adjust your diet in order to prevent the development of some diseases to which you have a tendency.

Remember, everyone was talking about Angelina Jolie’s mastectomy. Unfortunately, many people really do not know what risks of oncological diseases they have, and forewarned is forearmed. And any problems with oncology are easier to eliminate at an early stage than when the disease develops, or you may not encounter them at all if you prevent their development in advance. You can find out everything about your metabolism, choose the most effective type of physical activity for you, choose the optimal diet and make up a diet, find out if you have a tendency to longevity or not.

You can also find out whether you have a penchant for creative work, for example, or not, the level of your intellectual abilities, find out if you are an introvert or an extrovert. Yes, even this information is in your genes!

The test will also be useful and informative for a couple planning only to have a child. After all, he will tell you if you and your spouse have diseases that can be transmitted to your children. By the way, if you already have children, then they can also take the test upon reaching the age of 6. So you will learn more about their health and innate abilities, inclinations, determined by nature itself, and develop their talents accordingly, and not try to grow a mathematician from the humanities.

How is a genetic test performed?

The test is carried out using DNA microarrays. You will need a saliva sample and a detailed questionnaire. According to the test and survey, the user receives a detailed report that will tell you about your genetic predisposition and what external factors can affect the development of diseases. The results of the study will be ready in about a month.

You can donate a saliva sample without a visit to the clinic, using the services of a courier, which are included in the price. You can take the test even if you are in another region and without coming to Moscow. You just need to send your saliva sample, and you can fill out a questionnaire and track the readiness of the results via the Internet.

You can also get a free consultation from a geneticist based on the results of the test.

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