What is biohacking and why has it become so fashionable

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What is biohacking

“Biohacking” is a new word invented by businessman and IT specialist Sergey Fage. He is not a doctor, not a biologist. But he had an extra 200 thousand dollars and some free days to be examined in great detail and choose a diet and dietary supplements. As he himself says in his article, the goal of biohacking is to “finely manage my biochemistry in order to increase those physical and mental states that are useful to me.”

By itself, the term “biohacking” does not imply anything new, in fact, nothing unusual. This is just a new beautiful word, very successfully drawing attention to old (and therefore already boring) recommendations. Leading a healthy lifestyle is already in some way bad manners and the lot of pensioners. Practicing biohacking is young and cool. In this regard, of course, Fage did a great job: he rekindled the fading interest in health control.

The term “biohacking” means the correction of genetic characteristics, various metabolic risks, etc. It is worth noting that obstetrician-gynecologists and endocrinologists have been dealing with this issue for about twenty years, and cardiologists for about forty. This includes almost all cardiology and, in general, any prevention associated with a person’s predispositions to diseases. A person who had never had anything to do with medicine enthusiastically called it biohacking, as if the body’s original algorithms had been hacked. But nothing can be hacked, unfortunately. Biohacking in our history is rather smart prevention, anti-aging, slowing down age-related changes. The conditional biohacker is afraid of being old, he is afraid of diseases, and he wants to improve himself in order to improve the quality of life. What needs to be done for this?

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