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In just one procedure, gaining a thin waist, slender legs, embossed abs, graceful hips is not just a dream of many girls, today it is a reality. But it is important to remember that health is above all. Before deciding on this or that manipulation, it is important to think a thousand and once, and most importantly, not to fall into the hands of a pseudo-surgeon.

What is body sculpting?

Advanced body modeling techniques include:

– ultrasonic liposuction (surgical removal of excess adipose tissue); – lipofilling (introduction of the patient’s adipose tissue for aesthetic modeling); – body sculpting (visual correction of body reliefs).

During liposuction, ultrasonic waves act on adipose tissue, splitting it. At the same time, the viability of fat cells is preserved. Subsequently, if necessary, with the help of special devices (cannulas), these cells can be used for aesthetic purposes to correct certain areas (lipofilling). For example, for women, most often, adipose tissue is injected into the buttocks area to give volume to this area of ​​the body, while men correct the pectoral muscles with the help of body-sculpting.

What areas can be corrected

With the help of modern body modeling techniques, it is possible to correct its various zones. Most often, the region of the anterior abdominal wall, sides, breeches, and thighs are changed. It is also possible to eliminate excess adipose tissue from the knees, shins, etc. The result will be beautiful convex buttocks, a flat stomach, slender legs, elastic hips and other pleasant body metamorphoses.


There are a number of contraindications for such operations, these include:

– diseases of the heart and blood vessels; – various chronic diseases of internal organs; – violation of blood clotting; – oncological diseases; – infectious diseases; – the period of the menstrual cycle; – pregnancy, – lactation; – age up to 18 years; – diabetes.

At the consultation, the doctor will offer you to pass the necessary tests, if there are no contraindications, then it will be possible to start preparing for the operation.

How are the procedures

During liposuction, the doctor directs an ultrasonic wave pointwise into the adipose tissue. Thus, the cells are split, which are then pumped out with the help of cannulas. This method is less traumatic and quite gentle. During the operation, blood vessels, nerve endings, connective epithelium remain intact. Therefore, the recovery process is small. During liposuction, the process of skin remodeling starts in the affected area. The effect is visible visually – the skin is tightened and tightened.

Adipose tissue obtained during the operation, if necessary, is used for lipofilling. To do this, the extracted adipose tissue is processed and injected using cannulas or a syringe under the skin or mucous membrane. Sometimes fat is injected into the intermuscular space. Then a sterile patch is applied to the affected areas.

Usually, during lipofilling, the doctor introduces a much larger part of the adipose tissue obtained as a result of liposuction into the affected area. This is due to the fact that over time, on average, about 70% of the cells take root.

Thus, during one operation, a plastic surgeon can correct various areas of the body: those that have excess fat, and those that need the introduction of adipose tissue for modeling.

If you want to have beautiful press cubes, then the plastic surgeon lipoxies the adipose tissue from the deep layer to the superficial one, keeping a small layer on the muscles. As a result, there is a volumetric sculpting of the body and you become the owner of sports “abs cubes” in just one operation. The patient can go home a few hours after the operation. The effect of figure modeling operations persists for several years, it all depends on the characteristics of the patient’s body and his lifestyle.

Recovery period

Within a week after the procedure, there may be slight pain in the affected area, bruises, and general malaise. They will disappear very quickly if you strictly follow all the doctor’s recommendations. Such recommendations include wearing compression underwear for two to three weeks after surgery, taking antibiotics, avoiding physical exertion, and others. The final effect will be visible after 1-3 months.

What are the possible side effects

Despite the minimal trauma of body modeling operations, there are still certain risks. They can be associated both with the individual characteristics of the patient, and with the skill of the surgeon.

Side effects include: – the risk of inflammation; – blockage of blood vessels; – swelling, bruising and numbness of the skin in the affected area; – discoloration of the skin in the area of ​​operation; – if the operation is performed unprofessionally, then asymmetry may be observed due to uneven distribution of fat.

Who is not suitable for these methods?

Liposuction surgery is not suitable for those who want to get rid of obesity. With this problem it is recommended to go to the endocrinologist. The operation is aimed at eliminating fat traps, that is, focal accumulation of fat.

Also, body modeling operations are not suitable for those people who, having received new body shapes, are not going to change their lifestyle. You can save new volumes only in tandem with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, the fat traps will return and you will just waste your time and money.

The operation of liposuction is also not suitable for people who are too thin, since it is necessary that the thickness of the fat fold in the area affected by ultrasound be at least two centimeters.

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