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After childbirth, women often have no time for intimate life. And not only because of the new worries that have piled on. Sometimes there are problems of an intimate nature, which even with a gynecologist is embarrassing to talk about.


The failure of the muscles of the pelvic floor, or the gaping of the genital slit, manifests itself in different ways: it can be atypical dryness of the vagina, vaginal sounds during sex, an active exit of air, a violation of the microflora. All this can happen if the vagina begins to “gape”. Normally, the muscles of the vagina should be brought together.

The gaping of the genital gap can occur for various reasons: from age-related changes to chronic constipation. One reason is natural childbirth. When dissecting the perineum, the muscles are cut and then sutured. It’s bad when a perineal rupture occurs during a quick birth: lacerations heal worse than cut ones. This can lead to gaping.


First of all, with the problem of gaping, you need to contact a gynecologist. Perhaps you will be recommended a surgical correction – they will perform an operation on the muscles of the perineum. In addition to this, the doctor may recommend intimate filling.

Intimate filling is a procedure for introducing a filler into the intimate area: the labia, vaginal walls, and even the clitoris. In general, the procedure is similar to the already traditional lip augmentation on the face. Fillers may vary. Hyaluronic acid is most often used for intimate filling.

Only a gynecologist can interfere with the intervention in the intimate zone of a woman. In addition, only a doctor will be able to assess the safety and necessity of the procedure in your particular case. If a woman has an inflammatory process, this is a direct contraindication for an intimate filling procedure, since any invasive procedures can contribute to the spread of the inflammatory process. Allergy is also a contraindication, and in the event of an allergy, only a doctor in a full-fledged medical office will be able to provide timely assistance to the patient.

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