What physical exercises are not approved by gynecologists

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Ideas of gender equality have won almost everywhere. But anatomically and physiologically, women are still different from men – and nothing can be done about it. The reproductive system of men is located outside the body, the reproductive system of women is inside, in the abdomen. Therefore, an increase in intra-abdominal pressure will have much more negative consequences for us than for them.

Remember, we already talked about exercises that are harmful from the point of view of an orthopedist? Almost all of them are not good from the point of view of a gynecologist.

Popular exercises can lead to dangerous conditions, most often to the prolapse of the pelvic organs. And in general, daily intense exercise is not particularly beneficial for the female body. The body needs time to recover, first of all. And secondly, during intense (especially strength) exercises, testosterone is produced – the male hormone. Almost all women professionally involved in heavy sports have disrupted hormonal levels, the menstrual cycle, and metabolism. Therefore, if you decide to make yourself a relief figure, be patient and increase the load gradually. If during classes you feel that not only the muscles being worked out, but the whole body are already tensing, and it becomes very difficult, do not torture yourself and do not waste your health, stop in time. This, of course, is always a matter of priorities: what is more important for you – to quickly “draw” cubes on your stomach or to maintain reproductive function for a long time.

If you feel any discomfort, contact your doctor immediately. In the early stages, prolapse of the pelvic organs is treated with special exercises, but if it is brought to the late stages, surgical intervention may be required.

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