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What trimester does back pain occur?

Back pain during pregnancy is common. If we disregard such causes of back pain as diseases of the spine, damage to the back muscles, kidney pathology, diseases of the digestive system, obstetric and gynecological pathologies, then the main cause of back pain during pregnancy is a change in hormonal levels and a shift in the center of gravity.

Usually pain begins in the lumbar region in the second trimester of pregnancy. The pain is localized in the lumbar region or in the pelvic region, including the buttocks and upper thighs. The pain may increase in the evening, or become less pronounced during the day.

How to help with back pain? First of all, avoid long static positions, wear low-heeled shoes, sleep on an orthopedic mattress, use a prenatal bandage that will help unload the spine and back muscles. It is also possible to visit the pool in the absence of contraindications. Women who played sports before pregnancy are less likely to experience back and lower back pain, as their muscle corset is better formed. Another piece of advice on how to help a woman in such a situation is to contact a neurologist, an osteopath, including for the appointment of kenesiotaping.

What happens to joints during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the femoral-sacral joints, which are usually immobile, begin to relax under the influence of the hormone relaxin, so that the baby can pass more easily during childbirth. This, and the enlarged belly, upset the balance. To compensate for this, you have to pull your shoulders back and bend your neck. The protrusion of the abdomen so that everyone notices the mother’s condition only complicates the problem. The result is a strongly arched spine, tense muscles in the lower back, and pain.

If before pregnancy you had problems with the musculoskeletal system, then you are at risk for the appearance of lumbar and pelvic pain.

When the pain comes

Painful sensations in different women can appear at different periods of pregnancy. As we said above, this does not happen before the second trimester, i.e. from about the fifth month (20 weeks).

However, pain may occur earlier. For example, it depends on the lifestyle that the expectant mother leads. By the eighth month, when the end of the pregnancy is just around the corner, the pain may intensify – and not only because of the growing weight. But also due to the fact that the head of the child can put pressure on the bottom of the spine.

Watch your weight and posture

Prevent excessive weight gain. Additional kilograms only load the spine. A diet rich in calcium is important. Eat dairy products (cottage cheese, low-fat cheese, yogurt). As well as fish, meat, nuts, greens. Don’t wear high heels. It does not provide proper foot support. Some doctors recommend wide heels up to 5 cm high.

Avoid prolonged standing. If necessary, you should lean with one foot on a low stool or bend your leg at the knee, which will prevent excessive tension in the muscles of the sacrum.

Sit right. Sitting puts much more stress on the spine than other activities, so proper sitting is important.

It is recommended to sleep on a firm mattress. Comfortable sleeping position reduces back pain when getting up.

Perform a simple, accessible to all, physical exercise that strengthens the abdominal muscles – “Cat’s back”: get on all fours, and arch your back well. But only in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

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