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Why immunity decreases

Clusters of people are always a risk zone in terms of the spread of viruses. That is why in the basic recommendations aimed at protecting against covid, there is advice to avoid them. But groups of children are an even greater risk area. First, because a child’s immune system does not yet have the immune memory to deal with the number of pathogens that an adult’s immune system can handle. Secondly, children are not so scrupulous about hygiene (washing hands, using antiseptics). Thirdly, children communicate very closely with each other, which greatly increases the likelihood of infection.

“The good news is that you can protect your child from viruses. And this is the area of ​​responsibility of parents, who, even before their beloved child enters a kindergarten or school, must take certain and completely uncomplicated measures, ”says Olga Popova.

What is important for parents to do

● Organize the correct mode of the day. It should have a place not only for food and lessons, if we are talking about schoolchildren, but also for rest and walks. You also need to adjust the child’s sleep so that he goes to bed and gets up at the same time, gets enough sleep and sleeps well and calmly. Good sleep is directly related to immunity, so depending on age, a child should get 8 to 12 hours of sleep.

● Don’t rush into extra activities. Parents always want the best for their children, and often this leads to the fact that the child is enrolled in several sections or additional classes at once. To make it easier for the child to adapt, it is worth either starting such classes before school or kindergarten, or scheduling them a month or two after.

● Eat a balanced and varied diet. Planning a healthy diet is not as difficult as it might seem. According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the menu should have enough fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, dairy products, nuts and seeds. If the child does not have food allergies or health problems that require special nutrition, this will be enough to support his immunity.

● Don’t “prescribe” your child vitamins yourself. As for additional vitamins, it is better to consult a pediatrician with this question. The doctor will study the medical history, collect complaints, if any, prescribe the necessary studies, and only after that will recommend (or not recommend) vitamins. The only exception is vitamin D, which can be taken all year round. But when it comes to a child, a preliminary consultation with a specialist is necessary.

● Consider hardening. This is a great way to strengthen immunity, which moms and dads for some reason forget about. You can harden a child with a contrast shower or swimming in the pool, long walks in the cold season. And you can also through drinking cool water or juices.

How can a doctor help

As mentioned above, only with a doctor you need to discuss the potential deficiency of vitamins in the children’s menu. A pediatrician can help with planning a diet that will cover all the needs of a growing body, and with organizing a daily routine.

However, the most important thing a pediatrician can do is to provide medical interventions that will help the child be healthy. Carry out sanitation of the ENT organs and the oral cavity, pay attention to chronic diseases that weaken the immune system, and prescribe treatment.

“Separately it is necessary to say about vaccination. Children who often suffer from otitis media and bronchitis are recommended to be vaccinated against pneumococcus and influenza. Vaccination against chicken pox and meningococcal infection is useful for children. The list of necessary vaccines by age is in the vaccination calendar, and a doctor will help to build a convenient vaccination schedule and determine a medical examination schedule, ”adds Olga Popova.

And we recall that vaccination is one of the most effective and well-studied ways to protect against dangerous diseases. Therefore, if the child has no contraindications, there is no reason to be afraid of her.

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