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One hundred jumps in place

So, Irena Ponaroshku starts every morning with bouncing on the spot. According to her, jumping accelerates the lymph flow, blood flow, wakes up the body, removes excess water, and simply charges you with a good mood. The TV presenter knows a lot about such techniques: Irena regularly practices fitness tours and detox programs, has not eaten meat for many years, practices yoga, and calls her masseur almost a magician. Important: jumping in place should be done before the first glass of water or coffee.

Elizaveta Boyarskaya tries not to drink a lot of liquid at night and prefers a light dinner, does not eat anything salty. All, too, with only one goal: to avoid swelling in the morning. “Sometimes I sleep half-sitting. To do this, you need to put two pillows in order to slightly raise the body – and in the morning you will be without edema. The effect will be good, ”the actress shared. Boyarskaya also goes to massages, but much less frequently.

But Regina Todorenko is a real fan of massage for both the body and the face. Regina’s goal is to avoid seeing cellulite on her hips as much as possible. In the fight against him, she uses different means. And judging by the video on the page in her social network, it’s not in vain. Among other fans of lymphatic drainage: Olga Kabo, Roza Syabitova, Laysan Utyasheva (an athlete can do a massage at home using the most ordinary rolling pin), Marika and other stars.

Expert commentary: what is lymph and why should it be dispersed

The fluid that circulates in the lymphatic vessels is called lymph. It is similar in chemical composition to blood plasma. The lymphatic system is no less important than the circulatory system. It is entrusted with the function of cleansing the body of internal “garbage” and protection against pathogenic microbes and viruses. It also plays an important role in metabolism. Stress, an unbalanced diet, a sedentary lifestyle lead to a malfunction in the lymphatic system and lymphostasis. As a result, lymph flow slows down. The lymphatic system stops cleaning the interstitial fluid properly. Some of its functions are taken over by the kidneys and the circulatory system, however, waste products of vital activity are still not fully excreted from the body, but accumulate in it, leading to intoxication. This immediately affects the health and appearance of a person in the form of:

• edema;

• dark circles under the eyes;

• earthy complexion;

• varicose veins;

• excess body fat;

• hypertension;

• reduced immunity.

Violation of the movement of lymph leads not only to health problems, but also to aesthetic defects of the skin. As a result, the tone disappears and flabbiness of the skin, cellulite appears. So what is lymphatic drainage massage and what is it for? Lymphatic drainage massage is a physiotherapeutic procedure aimed at stimulating the functioning of the lymphatic system and facilitating the movement of fluids in the body. Acceleration of lymph flow helps to release cells and tissues from toxins, which means it promotes weight loss.

When is lymphatic drainage effective?

This type of massage appeared relatively recently – in the middle of the last century. His technique was developed by the French physician Pascal Coche. Once he noticed that when kneading the zone along the lines of the lymph flow, the edema in patients passes many times faster. Subsequently, he successfully applied lymphatic drainage massage in the treatment of vein diseases. Now this technique is also in demand in cosmetology.

This is a painless process that involves stroking and pressing. All manipulations are delicate and wavy, performed slowly and very gently. The intensity of exposure increases towards the middle of the session. The activation of stagnant lymph occurs only with the right manipulations, so it is important to choose an experienced massage therapist. To obtain a pronounced effect, it is necessary to conduct a course of lymphatic drainage massage. It usually includes 8-10 sessions. The duration of the course is selected individually depending on the problem. Sessions are usually held every other day. Lymphatic drainage massage is effective when there is:

• cellulite;

• postoperative scars;

• stretch marks;

• tendency to be overweight;

• edema, including internal, appearing due to the aging of the body;

• phlebeurysm;

• diseases with metabolic disorders;

• loss of skin elasticity.


Lymphatic drainage massage has contraindications, like any physiotherapy procedure. It should be abandoned if:

• dermatoses;

• acute infectious diseases;

• tumors of a malignant nature;

• pathologies of the lymphatic system;

• kidney problems;

• pregnancy of any term;

• thrombophlebitis.

How to do it yourself

Can I apply the technique of lymphatic drainage massage on my own? To begin with, it is worth noting that at home such a massage consists of light pressure and soft sliding along the lymph flow line, the main lines are as follows:

• from the neck towards the chest; • from the wrists towards the shoulders; • from the abdomen towards the hip joints; • from the legs towards the hip joints.

The most important lymph nodes are located under the lower jaw, on the lateral surfaces of the neck, in the armpit area, along the line of the elbow folds, in the center of the chest. As for the new trend – lymphatic drainage jumps in the morning, is there any benefit from them? Yes. At night, all processes in the body slow down. This is accompanied by a change in hormonal levels and relaxation, the body is restored. But at the same time, stagnation occurs in the lymphatic system, which, in turn, causes edema. To cheer up in the morning and drive away unnecessary fluid, there are several options: do exercises or jump. If the blood vessels have a heart that pushes the blood, then the lymphatic system does not have such an “elevator”, and the movement of the lymph occurs due to pressure and contraction of the surrounding tissues and organs, nerves, blood vessels, fascia. With such a vibration, we kind of push the lymph up, increase blood supply.

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