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How many of us know that the condition of our ears is directly related to the state of health? This area of ​​medicine has recently come to us from the East. These are auriculodiagnostics and auriculotherapy. From a textbook on biology, you can find out that the romantic name of the jellyfish “auricula aurita” means banal – “eared”. And auriculodiagnostics is the identification of diseases by the ears. Auriculotherapy – treatment of the disease by affecting the auricle. Many will shrug their shoulders: another pseudo-scientific theory, similar to palmistry and divination on coffee grounds. And they will be wrong.

Since ancient times, scientists have noticed that the many nerve endings, the relief and the complex shape of the ear do not correspond to its sole purpose – to capture sounds. According to the deep conviction of the healers of the Eastern school of traditional medicine, the auricle is the control panel for the whole body. They distinguish about 150 points on the surface of the ear, by acting on which it is possible to activate the work of all organs of the body without exception. These points are called biologically active. They are unevenly scattered on the outer and inner surfaces of the auricle, forming zones that control organ systems (digestive tract, respiratory organs, and others).

To date, there are many maps and diagrams from which you can find out how the condition of the auricle changes in diseases of various organs. During auriculodiagnostics, the doctor pays attention to how the ear looks, examines the electrical conductivity in the so-called “reflection zones” (projections of organs and body parts on the auricle), and then analyzes the information received. Auriculotherapy allows, by acting on the “reflection zones”, to cure many ailments without directly affecting diseased organs.

A common ear piercing site for earrings is the “reflection zone” of the eye. Therefore, if there are already problems with vision before piercing the ears, or there is a corresponding serious hereditary predisposition, it is better to refrain from wearing earrings or pierce elsewhere in the earlobe!

Ears and health

It is safe to say that all diseases (which are inherited and those acquired during life) one way or another lead to changes in certain areas of the auricles. One can only regret that doctors do not often pay attention to this!


one. Remember the photo of a sweetly sleeping boy, putting his hand under his ear? Try to do the same if you don’t sleep. Honestly, pleasant sensations and good sleep are guaranteed!

2. Massage of the upper part of the earlobe to relieve the effects of stress, improving sleep is indispensable and absolutely safe. You need to act on the area located in the “fleshy” part of the earlobe, where the lobe gradually turns into solid cartilage.

It is recommended to massage one or both ears for 3-5 minutes (can be repeated). Massage is performed with a pleasant degree of pressure, clockwise, at a speed of approximately 1 revolution per second. During the massage, the thumb pad at the back slightly fixes the earlobe. To get a good effect, you need to learn how to do it absolutely naturally (automatically). Massage is performed before going to bed and after a conflict situation.

3. It is known how many problems parents experience in order to put the kids to bed on time. You can help a child stroking or lightly massaging the earlobe before going to bed.

4. Ancient oriental morning ritual brain activation – stroking the edges of both ears. You need to stroke from top to bottom from the top to the earlobes with three fingers; quite slowly and thoroughly 20-30 times in 1-2 minutes. Then 3-5 times pull the auricles by the lobe down, to the side and at the top of the ear up. A modern person replaces this exercise with a morning cup of coffee. Now there is a choice!

5. Safe, and most importantly useful, is a finger massage of the zone of discomfort on the auricle. Massage is carried out with the same hand, it must be done gently, but sensitively. Massage should be done for three to five minutes without stopping. Interrupting the massage for more than half a minute may cancel the entire previous effect. According to the rules, massage is carried out clockwise, in the same rhythm. Massage of active points can be repeated several times a day, but not more often than after five hours. Never do this massage before going to bed – otherwise you will not be able to fall asleep.

6. Since antiquity and still in China enjoys great popular reception, called the “thunder of heavenly drums.” With your eyes closed, cover your ears with your palms, grab the back of your head with your fingers, put your index fingers behind your middle fingers, and then simultaneously click them on the back of your head. A characteristic hum will be heard in the ears, from which “consciousness awakens”. Hit the “heavenly drum” 12 times. This exercise is especially helpful relieve fatigue at a crucial moment.

Take care of yourself and your health!

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