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The female breast is not only an undoubted decoration of the female body, but also its delicate part, which requires careful and attentive attitude. The mammary gland, alas, can bring not only joy – one of the most common breast troubles in recent times is mastopathy. The disease, which was previously considered the lot of women after 35-40 years old, has become much younger: problems with the mammary gland are not so rare today even in very young girls.

Why is mastopathy actively getting younger? So far, doctors cannot name a single common cause of the onset of the disease, but they note with a minus sign such factors as hormonal imbalances, nervous tension, stress, smoking, drinking alcohol, unhealthy diet, first pregnancy after 30 years, lack of regular sex life, the birth of one child, abortion, a short period of breastfeeding or complete refusal of it.

Thus, every woman has a chance to get mastopathy, regardless of the specific characteristics of her life.

The enemy to women’s health, including the potential one, is better to “know in person”. Goodshapetips talks about what mastopathy is and how to preserve the beauty of the breast for many years.

Mastopathy: the essence of the problem

Mastopathy is a benign change in the tissues of the mammary glands. This change is expressed in the proliferation of connective tissues, affecting the gland with ducts, which ultimately leads to atrophy and the appearance of cysts.

So, cystic mastopathy is associated with atrophy of the lobes of the mammary gland and the development of a cyst, cystic-fibrous – with the development of fibrous tissue around the cyst, nodular – with nodular formations. The most dangerous form of mastopathy is nodular, since it has the highest chance of developing into an oncological disease.

However, it should be noted that not only the nodular form is dangerous – the presence of mastopathy in itself increases the risk of developing cancer by about 3-6 times. The disease usually does not pose a threat to life, but it affects its quality in a significant way.

Fibrocystic mastopathy occurs, as a rule, in women 25-45 years old. The disease is diagnosed in 6 women out of 10, that is, approximately 60–80% of the beautiful half of humanity of childbearing age – such is the harsh statistics …

How to recognize mastopathy? It often begins completely asymptomatically: the woman is not bothered by anything, and she continues to lead her usual way of life in happy ignorance. The fact is that this disease shows symptoms only after a while, but when this happens, we are talking about significant inconvenience. Clear signs mastopathy – these are seals and balls rolling in the mammary gland.

Have you experienced any of the above symptoms? Do not hesitate to visit a doctor: the sooner treatment is started, the better results it will bring.

Mastopathy: methods of treatment

Effective treatment of mastopathy can only be prescribed by a doctor after a comprehensive diagnosis and an accurate diagnosis. To date, there are several options for therapy, including the use of non-hormonal herbal preparations, which is an excellent solution for those women for whom hormonal treatment is contraindicated.

Yes, non-hormonal Indinol (developed by leading Russian scientists at the I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy) contains the active molecule of broccoli cabbage – indole-3-carbinol. This substance has a complex effect and contributes to the normalization of hormonal levels, selectively affecting only diseased cells.

There are practically no recurrences of mastopathy after the end of the drug. The drug is safe due to the unique production technology, which gives highly purified active molecules, devoid of natural impurities. As for the indole-3-carbinol molecule, its use has practically no contraindications.

Indinol can be used by girls and women of any age for both therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. The recommended course of administration is 2 capsules twice a day for six months.

The drug is compatible with hormonal and surgical methods of treatment, is effective in the treatment of various forms of mastopathy, quickly enough to get rid of pain in the mammary gland. It is unique in that it works to eliminate the cause of the disease, not the symptoms. Numerous clinical studies have shown a persistent positive effect that lasts for more than a year.

The effect of the use of the drug develops gradually and reaches its maximum six months after the start of administration, which is associated with special mechanisms of action on breast cells. The complete absence of side effects and high efficiency make Indinol one of the main means for the treatment of mastopathy.

Breast health is a serious issue, the solution of which depends entirely on the woman herself. Change your habits and lifestyle today, especially if you are genetically predisposed to breast disease, and develop the habit of regular breast self-exams. Be healthy!

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