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How do people with diabetes live?

Diabetes mellitus is characterized by a metabolic disorder, which is observed due to insufficient production of insulin in the body or due to a violation of the effect of this insulin on tissues. In the first case, we are talking about a disease of the first type, in the other – of the second type. Type I diabetes is considered more severe – patients regularly need insulin injections. Often this disease is diagnosed already in adolescence and can be hereditary. Type II diabetes tends to develop over the course of a lifetime: it is often diagnosed in overweight older people. It can occur in women who gained a lot of weight during pregnancy (for example, 20 kilograms) and did not return to normal weight a year or two after the birth of the child.

According to statistics, type II diabetes is more common – in 80% of all reported cases, it occurs when the body for some reason cannot produce enough insulin. There is no cure for diabetes forever, but the second type of disease can be prevented.

Both types of diabetes have similar symptoms: frequent urination, weight loss, constant thirst and dry mouth, nausea, chronic fatigue, slow healing of wounds and cuts, blurred vision. It is noted that in patients with type I disease, the characteristic signs appear quickly and sharply, while in type II, on the contrary, they increase slowly and gradually. And there is no direct connection with the use of sweets – this is a tenacious myth. Diabetes can also be diagnosed in people who practically do not eat sweets.

Alexander Semchev: diabetes on the background of overweight

The actor admits that his type II diabetes “got drunk.” And for a long time I did not know about its existence. As you know, the artist was overweight, he was even called the main fat man on the silver screen. The fullness did not prevent the actor from filming a lot, being overweight was considered part of his image. But not everyone thought about how hard it was for the artist himself. Constant shortness of breath, pressure surges, insomnia, palpitations.

“I have type 2 diabetes, he is drunk. God forbid anyone diabetes and its consequences. Now the disease has receded, ”said Semchev. When health problems began to seriously poison life, the artist began to lose weight and showed literally impressive results. In general, he lost 90 kilograms. He says that he does not consider this a feat: he launched himself – to bring himself into shape. And despite the fact that the change in weight category led to losses in work (not everyone was ready to shoot the slender Semchev), he does not regret the loss of mass: he began to feel many times better.

Cornelia Mango: inherited disease

The singer also did not immediately find out about her diagnosis. At first she lost weight, then she noticed a significant deterioration in vision and began to often complain of fatigue and drowsiness. It turned out to be diabetes! The artist has long been unable to afford tea with cookies or chocolate without consequences. All carbohydrates are carefully calculated. In addition, Cornelia had to give up extreme sports, for which she has a love. Sports loads in diabetes are acceptable, but extreme sports are not. Mango also always carries a glucometer and insulin syringes with her, which she injects herself. She notes that it is not easy not only for her, but also for the household. From frequent drops in blood sugar, the mood also jumps, in particular, the singer complains of outbreaks of aggression. For the first year and a half, the performer hid her diagnosis, tormenting herself with the question: “Well, why did this happen to me?!”. And then I realized that you can’t change circumstances – you need to learn to live with them. The singer’s mother also suffers from diabetes – she has the second type. Cornelia talks quite a lot about the life of a family with a disease on her Instagram.

Tom Hanks and Sharon Stone: Experienced Diabetics

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks spoke about the diagnosis to fans seven years ago. It turned out that he had been struggling with high blood sugar since 1992, which still could not prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. The reasons are more than banal: strong weight fluctuations associated with diets for a particular project. It’s no secret that many artists keep themselves in shape for the duration of the project, and then they don’t deny themselves anything – and so on until the next shooting. According to Tom Hanks, he is one of those lazy Americans who ignored the calls of the body until he heard a confirmed diagnosis. If we could turn back time, the artist would be much more attentive to his health.

Sharon Stone has been living with type 1 diabetes for years. Plus, the Hollywood actress has asthma and a stroke. Stone regularly receives doses of insulin and does not complain about fate. She strictly monitors nutrition, moves a lot, tries to be less nervous (stress contributes to an increase in blood sugar).

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