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Now, at the peak of beriberi, we are increasingly drawn to a jar of some multivitamins or antioxidants that are fashionable today. But not everyone knows what role they play in the process of your body’s activity and whether they are needed at all; Or is it better to eat a balanced diet, saturating the body with living vitamins? We will try to answer all these questions today. What vitamins do we lack the most in the spring and how to fill this vitamin gap?

Most often, women have a lack of iron, because of which they experience constant fatigue and lethargy. And therefore, lovers of such a strong drink as coffee should know that a cup of aromatic coffee, drunk after dinner, will take away a fair amount of this useful substance from them. But dark chocolate or cocoa, on the contrary, are very rich in iron.. Therefore, for the benefit of health, you can afford such gastronomic liberties.

There is one more thing: now, during the fasting period, many women have excluded meat from their diet – the main source of iron, and therefore, over time, they will be able to detect a deficiency of this substance in their body, which can cause anemia. Therefore, we advise such people to use various nutritional supplements – for example, iron-rich brewer’s yeast. In this case, the lack of vitamin B group will also be covered.

Calcium is also a deficient element in a woman’s body. And all due to the fact that many ladies do not favor dairy products.. And in vain. If even after this article you are not forced to drink a glass of kefir or yogurt, then you will definitely have to drink a bottle of Contrex or Vittel mineral water, rich in calcium. Also pay special attention to nuts, soy or cheeses. Today, in any supermarket, you can pick up a product to your liking, containing a large amount of calcium.

And in general, the body itself sometimes gives us signs that speak of a lack of a particular vitamin. So, for example, if you have a constant feeling of anxiety, muscle pain or cramps, then you do not have enough magnesium, and the same bottle of mineral water with calcium will make up for your deficiency. Besides, consuming vitamin B and antioxidant vitamins (C, E, A), you will fix magnesium in the body, and you will no longer be so drawn to sweets.

BUT if you are annoyed by loud sounds, then your body needs to be nourished with vitamin B1. So, try to include whole grain bread or muesli in your diet at least from time to time. In general, it is desirable during this period to beware of all kinds of stress and any neuro-emotional stress. This, of course, should always be done, but especially in the spring, since the body is already exhausted at this time. If you still did not save yourself and were subjected to this negative feeling, then first of all replenish the supply of B vitamins, which play an important role in the activity of the nervous system.

But not everything is as bad as it seems at first glance. Here’s some good news for you: since women are mostly fruit lovers, they also get a fair amount of vitamin C with them, which is responsible for a beautiful complexion, blood circulation and skin tone. In addition, this vitamin increases the body’s resistance to infections and plays an important role in the functioning of the body’s immune system.

Since many have a summer session and exams on their noses, then you are probably writing some kind of scientific work or doing any other mental activity. And therefore Vitamin K, little known to the general public, will help increase your intellectual abilities.. He very quickly “digest” the information received. And do not try to look for it in pharmacy vitamin complexes – you will only waste time in vain. Instead, pay attention to foods like tomatoes, yogurt, and egg yolk and you’ll be fine.

Now it is early spring in the yard, we will not wait for fresh vegetables and fruits soon, and therefore many people are concerned about such a burning question: are vitamins preserved in frozen foods? Of course, they are preserved, and sometimes even in larger quantities than in fresh ones. For example, fresh-frozen strawberries and cherries, bell peppers and broccoli provide an excellent opportunity to eat full-fledged vegetables and fruits all year round. Therefore, do not spare money on these unique frozen concentrations of vitamins – you will not throw money away, that’s for sure.

If you are a staunch supporter of drug treatment and you prefer to use vitamins in tablets that you think are good for you, then feel free to go to the pharmacy. But don’t overdo it because long-term use and especially high doses of vitamin preparations can do more harm than good. So, for example, an overdose of folic acid can cause skin irritation, and a bust of vitamin E can increase blood pressure. Therefore, it is still better to give preference to fresh suppliers of vitamins and minerals.


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