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These are still flowers when it comes to stones in your body. They can scream, or rather you will do it for them, with gallbladder disease. An attack of severe pain in the pit of the stomach, sometimes between the shoulder blades or in the right shoulder indicates that the stone, passing through the bile duct, temporarily clogs it. A persistent blockage of the bile duct is possible, leading to inflammation of the bladder – cholecystitis, and this is already dangerous. This is why 600,000 people have their gallbladder surgically removed each year. A simple solution, but still an operation is an operation.

The gallbladder is just a small sac attached to the liver, but with its ducts, it performs the most important cleansing function. It is a kind of sewer of the body. The same bladder stores bile produced by the liver, an enzyme for dissolving and digesting fats.

In bile, cholesterol is a fat-like substance found in food and in our body. It’s a kind of dangerous dirt. And gallstones can be compared to rust that clogs the bile ducts.

Everyone has heard that cholesterol is bad for the cardiovascular system. Gallstones are 80% composed of it. Oddly enough, most of the cholesterol in stones does not come from food. It is produced by our liver and is essential for many vital functions, including the formation of bile.

Gallstones are as small as sand, but sometimes they grow larger than a ping-pong ball. And every year, a million people, mostly women over 40, are diagnosed with gallstone disease by doctors. All this sand, and even more so stones, are things foreign to our body, and if we have already allowed their appearance (we systematically caught colds, ate irrationally), then we must get rid of them without fail. Today we will talk about how to cleanse the gallbladder and bladder and remove stones.

Analyzing the statistics, scientists noticed that those who do not like physical activity are more likely to suffer from gallstones.

Prevention of hepatic colic is an additional incentive to move more. Jog, bike, swim for at least 30 minutes three to four times a week.

Here are some tips for preventing gallstones. By the way, the inhabitants of Alaska, whose diet is rich in fatty sea fish, almost do not suffer from gallstones.

One medical study compared two groups of Eskimos – traditional seaside lifestyles and those who moved inland and switched to a fish-poor diet. Until recently, cholelithiasis was a rarity in this people. However, in the hospital serving the second group of Eskimos, gallbladder operations became the most frequent surgical intervention. True, these Eskimos not only eat little fish, but also move less and eat a lot of sugar.

Therefore, advice: drink fish oil, its daily portion in addition to the usual diet will give as much omega-3 fatty acids as an Eskimo who eats fish every day gets.

Statistics confirm: the heavier a person, the higher his chances of earning a gallstone
disease. A starvation diet will help you lose a few pounds in a matter of days, but in this case, the risk of gallstones will not decrease, but increase. The fact is that by losing weight, you mobilize your fat reserves, including accumulated cholesterol. It enters the liver, is excreted from it as part of bile into the intestines, and from there – into the toilet. However, as we know, excess cholesterol in bile precipitates in the form of stones. How to be obese? The solution is simple: lose no more than 900 g per week.

By correctly calculating and observing the daily calorie intake, you can slowly but surely lose weight by about 600 g per week.

Cleaning of the gallbladder, biliary tract and removal of stones

Option 1.
With the help of wild strawberries. To remove stones from the gallbladder, strawberries are very indicated. It should be eaten within 3 weeks when it is ripe, 3 to 5 glasses daily. The result of such a pleasant treatment for the gallbladder is magnificent. Do not take any food into the forest. If you are afraid that you will not have enough strength, take three carrots, two apples with you, but it would be better if you ate strawberries, sorrel, sorrel or wild onions.

Option 2.
With the help of lemon juice .. After a few cleansing enemas, we begin fasting. The procedure usually takes a week. Every day you need to drink 10-12 glasses of a mixture of hot water and the juice of one lemon in each glass. In addition, in between drinking hot water, you should drink 1.5 kilograms of a mixture of carrot, beet and cucumber juices (1000 + 250 + 250 grams). It is possible that short-term spasms will appear on the second day. You will overcome them without much difficulty, most importantly, do not be afraid, their appearance is normal, although they rarely occur. By the end of the week, a crisis sets in, severe pain is possible, which will also stop soon. Some time after the crisis, the dissolved stones begin to come out in the urine in the form of fine sand.

Option 3.

With the help of beetroot juice and beetroot. Raw juice is sometimes very aggressive, so the beets must first be kept overnight in the freezer or refrigerator and only then juiced. If you decide to clean with beets, then you need to cook several unpeeled heads for a long time (6 hours) to a liquid slurry until the broth thickens like syrup. Take 3/4 to 1/5 cup several times a day before meals. If you take 3/4 cup of gruel, the gallbladder is cleaned mainly, if 1/5 – the bile ducts. This remedy perfectly dissolves stones and removes them.

Option 4.
With apple juice. At 8 o’clock in the morning you drink a glass of apple juice, at 10 o’clock – the second glass, from 12 to 20 o’clock – 2 glasses every 2 hours. We “sit” on this apple diet for 3 days. If there is no stool, drink 1/2 teaspoon of an herbal laxative. In exceptional cases, put an enema of warm water. At the end of the procedure, take a hot bath without soap, sweat well.

Bladder cleaning

In the presence of stones in the bladder or its inflammation, take 4 tablespoons of a mixture of medicinal plants in equal quantities: corn stigmas, blueberry leaves, bearberry grass, bean leaves, young shoots of thuja, oat straw, lycopodium stems (or club-shaped club moss; popular names – floater , chicken foot, snake moss, etc.). You can also use the mixture recommended for nephrolithiasis. The mixture is poured into 0.5 liters of boiling water, insisted in a tightly closed vessel for 30-40 minutes, filtered and squeezed. Take half a cup 4 times during the day 1 hour before meals while hot. At the same time, hot baths are used and hot poultices are made. The course of treatment is 5 days. If there is no effect after the same time, the procedures are repeated.


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