When was the last time you had an ultrasound? and 5 more questions that you need to answer the doctor only honestly

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If the doctor asks questions, then this is not out of idle curiosity and not in order to scold you or force you to make excuses for your (even not quite healthy) behavior. Just answer the direct question.

Has it hurt for a long time?

Usually, patients go to the doctors only when the situation becomes extremely difficult and the pain is very severe. They are afraid that the doctor will scold them for their long neglect of their own health. Therefore, they lie: “Three days.” But it has been hurting for six months already … You are misleading the doctor: believing, he can prescribe symptomatic drug therapy instead of deeper studies.

When was the ultrasound done?

Quite often, patients do not have the results of the last ultrasound in their hands: this, unfortunately, is a problem … But, if, for example, a cyst is found in you, then it is very important for the doctor to know at least approximately how long it took to reach its size. And if you say that “there was nothing last year”, but in fact the last time you did an ultrasound examination was eight years ago, then the doctor will very wrongly imagine the growth rate of the neoplasm.

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