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The time of summer rest, vacations, walks in parks and trips to nature is over. Ahead – everyday work, the conquest of new heights and the achievement of goals. But all this is not possible if you are constantly haunted by back pain. Unpleasant pain sensations against the background of the autumn weakening of the immune system lead to depression, discomfort, darkening and complicating your life …

Modern medicine offers many ways to get rid of back pain. It’s no secret that the best results of treatment always give an integrated approach. To date, highly qualified specialists of the network of clinicsMED4YOUconvinced thatThe most successful methods of back treatment are: manual therapy with osteopathic effects in combination with physiotherapy (Karipazim).

Manual therapy carried out by the skillful hands of a specialist and is a set of techniques aimed at eliminating pain, as well as restoring the mobility of the joints and spine. Manual therapy procedures are very similar to massage, but differ from it in the limited localization of the areas of application and the dosed strength of the impact.

One of the directions of manual therapy is osteopathic treatment. The peculiarity of osteopathy is that it considers the body as a whole. And to consider that a person can have only one part of his body or one organ, and all the rest are healthy, is not true.

Osteopathic methods of treatment are aimed at improving the whole organism as a whole. The main goal of an osteopath in manual therapy is to restore balance between all systems of your body, activate its defenses, increase the level of adaptation and resistance of a person to any undesirable influences and, ultimately, improve the overall quality of life. Osteopathy is a gentle effect on the body using firm principles!

Everyone knows that in medicine there is a simple but very important rule: the earlier and more timely we start treatment, the more successful and faster it will be!

But, unfortunately, not always our patients manage to turn to doctors in time. Work, family, children, endless chores and worries of everyday life are constantly postponing a trip to the medical center. And that is why experts MED4YOU developed a comprehensive approach to the rapid and successful treatment of back pain. It is important for us, saving your time and energy, to achieve the maximum result!

In addition to manual therapy with osteopathic influence, in order to achieve the best results, especially in the case of a chronic course of the disease, our doctors use physiotherapy (drug Karipazim).

Karipazim – a unique remedy for osteochondrosis and intervertebral hernias, which is the sum of proteolytic enzymes contained in the milky juice of papaya (melon tree). The effectiveness of treatment with this drug for osteochondrosis, disc herniation, including various complications associated with these diseases, reaches 82 – 83%!

More than 30 thousand patients have been successfully treated with the drug. The main advantage of Karipazim is the ability to avoid surgical intervention, Approximately 40-45% of patients referred for surgery, having received treatment with Karipazim, ceased to need surgical intervention.

This combination of procedures (manual therapy, osteopathy and physiotherapy) gives great results. Our highly qualified specialists will select an individual treatment program for you, based on the characteristics of your body, the causes of the disease and all your wishes.

The experience of our doctors, the wide range of treatment options based on the latest scientific discoveries proven by experience, the correct approach in choosing treatment methods and the skillful implementation of procedures will give a bright positive result.

The natural and absolutely harmless methods used by our specialists will help your body, relieve you of annoying back pain that interferes with a fulfilling lifestyle, relieve pain, tension and fatigue. You will again feel full of energy, beautiful, self-confident and desirable, ready to conquer more and more peaks of this hectic world!

Doctors of the network of clinics MED4YOU will be happy to help you
get rid of annoying and debilitating pains once and for all, and not from their symptoms!

You can make an appointment with our specialists by phone: (495) 105-88-65!

We are waiting for you! Always happy to help you!

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