Where is the chicken from?

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According to statistics, chicken meat is the most consumed protein product in Russia. We eat chicken more often, more and more willingly than, say, beef, pork or even turkey.

It is not surprising that many of our fellow citizens are so fond of sandwiches with the same chicken inMcDonald’s.Nevertheless, questions about the “pedigree” of this very chicken, the secrets of its preparation and the safety of use arise regularly.

Answered the most relevant and frequently asked of them Irina Korshunova, Director for Development of the McDonald’s Supplier Network and Logistics in Russia and Eastern Europe.

  • Chicken products come to us from France from Cargill.

The composition of the McChicken patty is white and dark meat; for the preparation of Chicken McNuggets, only white chicken meat is used.

McDonald’s does not use soy in cutlets – this applies not only to chicken, but also to meat and fish products.

  • All McDonald’s chicken meat products are heat-treated even before they reach our restaurants – at the supplier’s enterprises.

Heat treatment involves preliminary preparation of the product at a temperature of 70°C for 2 minutes, which inactivates any pathogenic bacteria.

Also, the product undergoes additional preparation in the restaurant at a temperature of 182°C, reaching an internal temperature of 74°C and above.

McDonald’s policy is to maintain food safety and quality at all stages, from farm to consumer.

We implement the control measures recommended by the World Organization for Animal Welfare and follow the guidance of national authorities and the European Commission.

McDonald’s European suppliers source chicken and chicken products only from farms that meet the requirements of the MAAP (McDonald’s Agricultural Quality Assurance Program), the industry’s leading initiative that defines and enforces high standards of quality, safety and traceability sources of origin of products throughout the supply chain.

  • This refined vegetable oil, 100% sunflower oil. According to the strict requirements of McDonald’s, this oil is characterized by a reduced content of trans isomers and saturated fatty acids.

The quality control of cooking oil is carried out using indicator strips, which determine the concentration of free fatty acids.

The test resembles a school chemistry course – the strip is dipped into the hot fryer, and the restaurant manager judges the quality of the frying oil by the color change.

In addition, the oil is filtered daily using special filter machines built into the fryer.

  • The development process for all new McDonald’s products is lengthy, involving many steps. At the European level, a special department Food Studio has been created, which is developing new dishes.

This department includes chefs, food production technologists, marketers, representatives of the supplier development department.

Any product – be it sandwiches, salads, desserts or drinks – first developed and repeatedly tested in the company. Then the best of the developments get tested in several restaurants in two or three countries.

And only in case of complete success, such a product will be included in the menu. McDonald’s.

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