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Kim Kardashian can’t imagine life without heels

Not so long ago, residents and guests of Rome could see two celebrities – Kim Kardashian in the company of Kate Moss. The image of Kim was clearly not typical for an ordinary tourist: an openwork dress with a long skirt and high heels. With a smile, the star moved from one location to another, posed and immediately darted into the car – walking on a hairpin on paved bridges is not an easy task. However, the image for Kim Kardashian is much more important than convenience, and she is far from the only celebrity who wears heels not only on the way out. Kate Moss is also often seen in heels in everyday life by paparazzi, however, the supermodel prefers not a stiletto heel, but a steady heel that will increase her height.

You are unlikely to meet Lady Gaga in flat-soled slippers – she goes out into the world fully armed, that is, in full dress. Be sure to wear heels and a dress that emphasizes all the curves of the body. Jennifer Lopez prefers to move around New York in jeans and at the same time certainly in heels. Their height can be dizzying. However, it should be understood that for long distances the star does not move on foot – a personal driver always follows on the heels.

Sarah Jessica Parker fashion collection

You won’t see fashion icon Victoria Beckham in sneakers – she prefers stiletto heels. By her appearance, you can’t always tell that the former singer is comfortable, but this is the case when you need to look perfect, if you are called a designer. In addition, Beckham has a lot of complexes – such women spend a lot of time before going out to look perfect …

But Sarah Jessica Parker seems to have found a happy medium in this matter. The actress can often be seen on the streets of her native city in heels – these are always elegant shoes with a comfortable shoe. Unlike Lopez, the Sex and the City star is not followed by a car with a personal driver – the actress moves around the city on foot, which means that her shoes should not only be spectacular, but also comfortable.

Meanwhile, experts are making an important correction: not only high heels, but also flat soles are harmful to foot health. At the same time, a long-term love for a hairpin will sooner or later respond with pain in the legs, possible varicose veins, and in some cases even hallux valgus deformity of the big toe (the same bone on the leg).

Expert commentary: which is better – heels or flats?

Both a flat sole and a high heel have a negative effect on the ligaments and tendons, gradually they stretch in the wrong direction, blood flow is disturbed, the leg begins to move unnaturally. Studies show that a heel higher than 5 centimeters has a bad effect on the foot and leads to its deformity.

Therefore, for every day it is best to prefer shoes with a small wide heel – up to five centimeters, so that the forefoot is not overloaded.

When you wear stilettos or high heels, your forefoot is heavily overloaded. This can lead to valgus deformity of the first toe, the appearance of bumps and calluses, the formation of hammer toes, Morton’s neuroma, the appearance of ingrown nails, and pain in the foot. Also, all this has a very negative effect on the knee and hip joints, provokes back pain! The high cost of shoes is not a guarantee of quality and benefits for the foot. Most of the shoes are now made narrower, which is harmful. In no case should you take narrow shoes with the prospect of stretching them, spreading them. In fact, you are only “breaking” your own foot and deforming it.

How to choose shoes

When choosing shoes, make sure that the toes do not rest on the toe, that is, there should be a distance of 5 to 15 millimeters from the toe so that the toes are in a straightened state, and not crooked. The toe of the shoe should be wide. With a pointed toe, the thumb and little finger are lowered, and the rest are raised. All this threatens with deformation of the fingers, the formation of painful calluses and bumps.

Life hack: don’t buy new shoes in the morning. By evening, the legs, as a rule, swell slightly, and the shoes purchased in the morning may seem tight.

If you are still forced to wear high heels, you will be saved by cold foot baths, self-massage and special exercises that must be done with flat feet. It is also very helpful to walk on uneven surfaces (grass, earth, sand, rocks) and to minimize walking on a straight hard surface.

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