Which of the stars and mere mortals were vaccinated against the coronavirus abroad: reviews

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“I instilled all of my people on a similar route so that we could travel around the world, take interviews and make interesting reports. We relied on a one-component vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, which we consider to be the best at the moment. ”

In parallel, Sobchak ridiculed all anti-vaccinators. Their argument in favor of the fact that vaccines (currently existing) have not passed the necessary clinical trials does not seem significant to her, because humanity does not have time for this – the virus is experimental and it mutates. Having made two portions of the vaccine from different manufacturers, Ksenia Anatolyevna moves freely around the world.

Among her colleagues there are many who have gone the same way. Philip Kirkorov, Yana Rudkovskaya, Mitya Fomin and many others have been vaccinated abroad. Someone chose Johnson & Johnson, someone – Pfizer.

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