Which of the stars got rid of age spots on the face and how this can be done – the doctor’s opinion

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At the very beginning of her career, age spots could be seen on Meghan Markle’s face. The future wife of Prince Harry then loved an active tan and intense makeup. The latter did not always hide the spots that appeared on the cheeks. Later, having increased her status and started earning more, Megan began to actively care for her skin and refused self-tanning. For a long time, on her face you can see only a light fluid as a base, highlighter, eyebrow gel and cream blush.

Age spots are familiar to Eva Longoria. Although they are not conspicuous. The actress is actively fighting with them. In addition to massages and cleansing, she does phototherapy with LED lamps, which helps maintain skin elasticity and fight pigmentation. The latter, along with age wrinkles, Longoria calls her everyday problem.

Fans of Ekaterina Kuznetsova had no idea that the actress had been unsuccessfully trying to get rid of age spots on her face for a long time. Judging by the photo, the actress has perfect skin that does not need foundation. Katya herself told subscribers about the problem. Pathology appeared after a holiday in Sri Lanka. An intense tan and, most importantly, peeling played a role – Kuznetsova did it in the cabin shortly before departure. Peeling is called an aggressive procedure for a reason. Therefore, a number of peels are not done in the summer – the skin after them becomes vulnerable and needs protection.

The star of the series “Kitchen” could not even think that spots would appear on her face – before that she had no skin problems and she regularly tanned. The actress hid the spots with the help of tonal means – the make-up artists did the same on the set. Katya also tried various injections, masks, peels. Only procedures on the Picosure apparatus helped, the actress advises them to everyone who is faced with a similar problem. And also be sure to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and think carefully before deciding to peel.

Dana Borisova

The TV presenter did not even think of hiding skin problems from followers. Dana immediately showed them a photo after laser rejuvenation – age spots appeared on her forehead. Borisova almost did not meet sympathy in her address. According to haters, she abuses cosmetic procedures and her skin needs a banal rest. Borisova herself explains every time that she does practically nothing with her face. Except perhaps injections of hyaluronic acid, Botox, correction of the lips and nasolabial folds with fillers, correction of the oval with the help of threads, as well as massages, peels, and care procedures.

Polina Filonenko

The actress believes that her freckles are nothing but pigmentation. She tries to get rid of them all her conscious life, but to no avail. “Doctors say that before the age of 18, a girl has freckles, and after 18, age spots. (Smiling.) In this matter, I am a complete layman. I really want to remove these spots from my face, but I don’t know how, ”she told 7Days magazine.

Filonenko has tried expensive whitening creams, laser procedures, but so far without success. The actress believes that pigmentation can occur due to a deficiency of vitamin D and iron. At the same time, she regularly takes tests and refused a whole list of products that caused her allergies.

Pigmentation is the accumulation of melanin pigment in the surface layer of the skin – the epidermis. This excess accumulation of melanin can be due to various factors – genetic, endocrine, metabolic, physical, drug, chemical or inflammatory. The most common reason is an excessive amount of UV radiation (a person has been in the sun for too long or often went to the solarium), as well as chemical peels, laser resurfacing, products with fruit acids, retinoids, alcohol, essential oils, etc. Anything that increases skin sensitivity to ultraviolet light. There are several predisposing factors for pathological pigment formation: – a number of diseases, deficiencies and dysfunctions of the body: problems with the liver and biliary tract, dysfunction of the adrenal glands, anemia, porphyria; – disorders of the hormonal and endocrine systems of the body (pregnancy, lactation, ovarian dysfunction).

The skin is a hormone-dependent organ, and any hormonal imbalance immediately affects its condition. But the risk of hyperpigmentation increases significantly after 30-35 years, when the amount of estrogen in a woman’s body begins to decline.

Speaking about the fight against age spots, I will add that folk remedies should not be trusted – on the contrary, they can increase the risk of complications. The fight against hyperpigmentation begins with a consultation with a dermatologist-cosmetologist and identification of the causes, after which you can proceed to removal. There are several ways: – light exposure based on the effect of selective photothermolysis (laser therapy, IPL therapy);

– exfoliating procedures (peelings, microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, cryotherapy);

– procedures that reduce the production of melanin (depigmenting drugs, mesotherapy). Regular use of sunscreen is also necessary – even in the city on non-sunny days.

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