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Elena Letuchaya

The TV presenter gave up sugar a few years ago. And not only from classic desserts, but also from products containing sugar. And, believe me, there are plenty of them: sauces, sausages, bread, pastries and much more. According to Volatile, within a few months after giving up sweets, she saw the result: her skin and hair became noticeably better. Then Elena went further and decided to give up salt and dairy products … Flying assures that such restrictions are easy for her, since it was customary to eat right in her parents’ house, because she never suffers from the fact that she cannot eat a piece of cake She just doesn’t want him. Knowledgeable people say that it’s all a matter of habit. If you are used to eating sugar every day, try reducing its amount in your diet first: share each dessert with someone, give up refined sugar in tea and coffee.

Vera Brezhneva

The singer does not get tired of talking about her diet, which consists of three meals. And none of them include sugar and desserts. She is sure that the skin deteriorates from sweets, not to mention extra pounds. The performer even held a sugar-free marathon on social networks, inviting everyone to join it. Then Brezhnev received many complaints that it was literally impossible to live without sweets. “A person cannot live in descending order: without air, without water, without a minimum set of food, etc. Sugar is far from being in the top five, which means you can live without it, you just don’t want to, ”Vera explained. According to the singer, many people simply eat sweet stress. This is really the most affordable way to get positive emotions – carbohydrates provide a quick spike in blood glucose. True, very soon the level will decline and the person will feel hungry again. Brezhnev advises eating the right slow carbohydrates, which are digested gradually, and a person feels full for a relatively long time.

Laysan Utyasheva

It’s hard to believe, but after the birth of her daughter, the gymnast lost weight for a long time and painfully. In particular, she returned to her usual form for five years. And first of all, the athlete adjusted her diet, decisively giving up sugar. The result was not long in coming: the weight began to decrease, the quality of the body improved.

Laysan does not eat the usual desserts, sauces, fast food, does not drink soda and packaged juices. The wife of Pavel Volya warns: the habit takes at least a month to form, so you will have to gather your will into a fist. In order not to want to break into sweets, avoid places where you can buy it. Plus, exclude hunger – you should feel full, then you won’t even be able to eat a cake.

Polina Gagarina

The singer is known for her strictness when it comes to discipline. During the first pregnancy, the actress gained as much as 40 kilograms. The performer lost weight for a long time and painfully, after which she vowed to never gain excess weight. A few years ago, Gagarina greatly reduced the amount of sugar in her diet. In particular, Polina eats desserts, but without sugar. They do not differ much in taste from traditional sweets, having high-quality sweeteners in their composition.

Elena Podkaminskaya

Or you can adopt the habit of Elena Podkaminskaya. The actress has not eaten sugar and traditional desserts for a long time. And even shooting in several seasons of the series “IP Pirogov” surrounded by delicious cakes did not change her attitude to sweets. The actress believes that sugar is not what a person needs. At the same time, Podkaminskaya advises all sweet tooth to eat one date with tea if you are determined to give up or reduce the amount of sweets in life.

We found something else interesting. There is no consensus among experts about the dangers or benefits of sugar. Each specialist has his own opinion on this matter. And only you can draw conclusions.

Expert comment

Sugar is an easy source of dopamine and the cause of many diseases. It leads to obesity, metabolic syndrome, caries, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, hepatic steatosis, cardiovascular pathologies, and some types of cancer. In addition, “sweet poison” provokes the growth of bacterial flora, stimulates the development of inflammatory processes – from candidiasis to cystitis.

To resist the urge to eat dessert, you need to restrain yourself and “train” the inhibitory neurons in the brain that are involved in making decisions to refuse quick rewards. But sugar suppresses our self-control mechanisms, and this is the deep reason why many people fail to change their diet at first, and subsequently their lifestyle.

Refined sugar is more addictive than some banned substances. It affects mood like drugs, and when it is canceled, depression, fatigue, and anxiety are observed. But after 4-6 weeks, when sugar withdrawal passes, brain productivity increases, weight decreases, immunity increases, sleep and libido normalize. In addition, there are fewer acne, wrinkles – sugar causes premature aging of the skin, undermining the production of collagen and elastin.

The body converts not only sugar, but all carbohydrates into glucose. The fastest sources of them are: bread, rice, pasta, fruits, potatoes and other starchy vegetables. 10% of fats and part of proteins are also converted into glucose, but such compounds are mainly stored in the liver and do not enter the bloodstream. The glycemic index helps to understand which foods raise blood sugar levels less – the lower it is, the better for health.

For most people, sugar makes up 12-15% of the daily calorie intake, while WHO recommends limiting it to 5% per day (that’s 25 g or 6 teaspoons). Physical exercise and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids help to switch to a new diet – they have a neuroprotective effect and promote the formation of new neurons.

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