Which of the stars suffered from insomnia and how to improve sleep – instructions from a somnologist

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Lera Kudryavtseva

The TV presenter, who complained some time ago about the lack of sleep, correctly noted: often the cause of insomnia is stress, which is difficult to avoid for residents of megacities. Traffic jams, a busy work schedule, the need to be in time everywhere, the constant race for money – everything contributes. Also, there is no regimen. For people of creative professions, the working day begins and ends as it should. And if you returned after the premiere, presentation, then the clock is probably already after midnight and you won’t be able to fall asleep right away.

“We are constantly stressed. For example, I started having problems with sleep and with the nervous system. Insomnia! As a normal person, I can’t fall asleep at 11 pm – I fall asleep only in the morning, I wake up for dinner. I have the wrong mode, ”the TV presenter admitted. Add to this the care of a young child, whose sleep is usually interrupted.

Separately, Kudryavtseva notes that she has long abandoned coffee, which excites and provokes insomnia. For a long time, the TV presenter drinks exclusively tea. As you can see, this does not always help to cope with the stated problem.


The singer also complained to subscribers about insomnia. It was associated with stress. The performer then sat on the jury of the Mask project and every time on the eve of the release, when it was necessary to part with the participants, she noted that she could not sleep. As soon as all the experiences were over, the dream returned.

Christine Asmus

The actress complained of sleep problems after the divorce. For an artist, the luxury is to sleep for six hours without a break. The necessary 7-9 hours (somnologists talk about such a norm) are out of the question. It turned out that out of the six hours allocated for sleep, Christina sleeps at most three. The rest of the time he tosses and turns, unable to let go of the phone. And in the morning he marks circles under his eyes in the mirror, which the camera will ruthlessly emphasize. Pills and relaxing music to the actress, according to her, do not help. But she is trying to take action. For example, she began to monitor the drinking regimen. This brought results – the circles under the eyes began to recede.

What can cause insomnia

Due to lack of sleep, early signs of aging appear, the ability of the skin to recover from stress decreases. After all, it is in a dream that the skin produces new collagen, and in general, the blood supply to cells improves. It is worth not getting enough sleep – and the complexion becomes gray and lifeless, dark circles and swelling appear under the eyes. Even hair loss, their increased fragility and poor growth can also be the result of lack of sleep, as the hair follicles receive the necessary substances, vitamins and trace elements from the blood. And if the blood flow deteriorates, as with a lack of sleep, the hair becomes weak. Poor sleep can cause symptoms or diseases that are completely out of character for biological age: increased cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, etc. However, even if you get enough sleep, sleep will not necessarily be of high quality. Only when a person goes through all stages of sleep, the necessary hormones are produced for the regeneration of body tissues.

Components of perfect sleep

  • The so-called “beauty dream” begins between 22:00 and 24:00. It is at this time that the most active production of the hormone occurs, with the help of which young cells are activated in the skin. In this case, the hormone is produced when a person sleeps and light does not fall on his eyes.

  • Sleep should be deep and restful, without night awakenings. It is necessary to give up exercise in the evening – they increase body temperature, which leads to difficulty falling asleep. But you should not completely deprive yourself of physical activity either, since sports are the best anti-stress factor. It is also important to make sure the bedroom is completely dark – even a small light source can have a very bad effect on the release of melatonin, which is responsible for healthy sleep and at the same time works against stress hormones.

  • Music can evoke positive emotions and reduce stress levels. Our Sleep Center has developed a technique for a healthy sleep and a cheerful morning – encephalophony (“music of the brain”). The duration of the melody, like the track itself, is strictly individual and depends on many factors: the time of falling asleep, the number of night awakenings, the level of daytime sleepiness, and others.
  • The ideal temperature for healthy sleep should be between 16-19°C. This is due to the fact that the body obeys the daily rhythm. As night approaches, body temperature gradually decreases. Accordingly, if the bedroom is cool, you will fall asleep faster. Sleeping in a cold room helps you look younger: this is due to the production of melatonin, which slows down the aging process.

  • Under the influence of melatonin, the level of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, increases. Healthy sleep at a lower temperature stimulates the secretion of growth hormone, while reducing the level of stress hormones, which helps to lose weight. It is also recommended to use a humidifier, especially during the heating season. In order for a person to sleep well at night, the humidity in the bedroom should be between 40 and 60%.

  • Waking up, do not immediately pick up the phone, turn on the TV – let your body wake up. Even the sound of the alarm clock determines the mood for the whole day. Recent studies have shown that sleepiness was less likely to be experienced by those who had a pleasant alarm ringtone, rather than sharp signals like the standard beeping sound.

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