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Singer MakSim

Marina Abrosimova (real name of the singer) was in a coma for a month and a half. Events developed rapidly. The artist was admitted to the hospital in early June with complaints of high fever and weakness. At first, the tests did not confirm the coronavirus, but it quickly became obvious that the girl’s body was attacked by the coronavirus infection. So that the body does not expend extra strength, she was put into a state of medical coma. Doctors also used ventilators and ECMO, thanks to which the patient could breathe.

Currently, MakSim communicates with doctors and relatives using gestures, she is recovering quickly and is already asking for ice cream. The artist’s lung was affected by 80%, but as the pulmonologist Nadir Aliyev told Goodshapetips, this is far from the worst – this paired organ is able to recover. Doctors explain that medical coma is conditionally the most favorable, as it is manageable. The worst thing in a coma is when there are pathological changes in the brain. In this case, this was not the case.

Nadezhda Babkina

The People’s Artist spent two weeks in a coma. The reason for this was COVID-19. The singer was admitted to the hospital in the spring with 80% lung damage. Few people thought that the 71-year-old performer would be able to overcome a dangerous diagnosis, because older people, by definition, are at risk. Fortunately, a strong body was able to take its toll. Nadezhda Georgievna herself does not tire of thanking the doctors who were able to take the necessary actions. “It was scary. I saw a shining light. I didn’t hear voices, but about the light … There was a big centrifuge that was spinning, and then bam – and it stopped, ”the artist recalled how she got out of a coma. You can’t refuse Babkina’s sense of humor. Talking about her illness, she noted that “Hope always dies last. So don’t wait!”

Oleg Menshikov

The artist in a recent interview with Svetlana Bondarchuk spoke about a coma experienced six months ago, from which he was able to get out. “I had a scheduled operation in which, as they say, something went wrong. It went wrong to such an extent that my blood pressure dropped, my heart stopped and I was in a coma for a week, ”Menshikov explained.

The artist stressed that it was not an artificial coma in which doctors are immersed. Menshikov did not see any light or tunnels, which survivors of such a state often talk about. According to him, the hardest thing was his wife Anastasia – the doctors were in no hurry to reassure her, she was preparing for the worst.

The People’s Artist thanked the doctors who literally pulled him out of the other world, and once again convinced himself of the devotion and love of his wife, who experienced that terrible week alone. Anastasia did not communicate with anyone except doctors. According to Menshikov, after the experience, he changed his view on a number of things and realized what was most valuable to him. And this is definitely not a job – he has not felt reverence for it for a long time.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk

The actress has been battling a brain cancer diagnosis for two years now. The family is very metered comments on the state of the artist. There was a moment when many fans were sure that the “beautiful nanny” would not cope with the disease. Fuel was added to the fire by the actress’s neighbors in the suburban village, who now and then saw her mother praying in a local church. It is known that for a long time Zavorotnyuk was in a coma, doctors struggled with cerebral edema. Some time later, it became known that the artist was taken out of this state. Currently, she is at home, surrounded by a loving family. The eldest daughter of the actress Anna repeatedly thanked everyone who prays for her mother on behalf of the household. It is not known whether the beloved actress will ever be able to return to her former way of life, but the main thing is that she is alive and conscious.

Andrey Zibrov

He survived a coma in 2010. The actor, who starred in the series “Streets of Broken Lights” and “National Security Agent”, was the victim of gangsters who molested his wife. The actor and his wife were returning from the club at night when hooligans appeared on the horizon. They began to make obscene proposals to the girl, after which a scuffle ensued. One of the bandits shot Zibrov in the face with a pneumatic weapon. As a result, the artist lost his eye – he underwent many operations, but the doctors could not save the lens. Andrey has been living with an eye prosthesis for many years.

He almost never acts in films, but is quite actively involved in private performances. After a coma, his friends Konstantin Khabensky and Andrey Fedortsov later recalled, their colleague plunged into depression. He got out of it only thanks to the support of his wife, friends and new work projects.

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