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Our consciousness is arranged in such a way that we think about our health only when something hurts us. And so our body is arranged that some organs let you know about problems instantly, while others are silent for the time being.

Thanks to television advertising, many people know what the stomach is for. From their own experience, they guess about the purpose of the intestine. Why do we need a liver?

The liver is the main biochemical laboratory of the human body.

It is both a digestive and circulatory organ, all types of metabolism take place here, hormones, lipids, blood proteins, enzymes are formed and destroyed.

Everything that comes to us through food, water and breath passes through it, being purified and transformed into the necessary nutrients.

The liver performs a barrier and protective function, cleaning and processing all substances that enter the human body. It takes part in more than 500 reactions in the body.

Much in well-being, in everyday life of a person depends on the liver. Almost any pathological changes in the liver respond throughout the body.

Violation of many types of metabolism will be manifested by weakness, depressed mood, decreased performance, insomnia, nervousness, and sudden weight loss.

Often we do not pay attention to heaviness, tingling on the right under the ribs (the liver is located there), and bitterness in the mouth does not cause much inconvenience. But this is exactly what the liver reminds of itself!

It will be interesting to know what more than half of Russians suffer from liver diseases. Doctors found this out as part of an all-Russian study conducted by sanofi-aventis.

The main diseases affecting the liver are various forms of hepatitis, arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and cirrhosis is often the sad outcome of these sufferings.

Pay at least a little attention to your liver. Adapting with the last of her strength, she struggles with human stupidity, but even 300 billion cells are sometimes not enough.

Remember the myth of Prometheus, the hero’s liver was chosen as a delicacy for the eagle in order to provide the bird with a constantly replenished dish for the next 100 years. It seems that already then it was known about amazing ability of the liver to regenerate.

Natural hepatoprotectors based on essential phospholipids can help the liver recover. which, integrating into liver cells, restore it, thereby maintaining it in a healthy state.

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