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For men, there are only two options for contraception: condoms and vasectomy (dissection of the vas deferens through which spermatozoa enter the ejaculate). And only in 30% of cases, a man takes on birth control issues. At the same time, according to statistics, even in the United States, about half of the pregnancies were not planned.

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Of those 30% of men who are ready to take responsibility, more than a third resort to a vasectomy. These are global statistics. Basically, of course, there are psychological barriers: men do not want to have children, but they are afraid of losing the ability to procreate. However, in many countries the possibility of using this method is limited by law. For example, in Russia, only a man over 35 years old who has managed to give the country at least two children can resort to sterilization.

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But what certainly pleases is the development of oral contraceptives for men. According to the promises of the manufacturer, they will be on sale in the next five years. The meaning of the action is as follows: thanks to a special formula, sperm production is blocked for a certain time, and after a while, when a man needs to return this function, it is easily restored. Studies have shown that it is safe, and after stopping the drug, the sperm remains healthy and viable. This means that soon the issue of protection will reach a completely different level, and not only women will have a large number of items to choose from. But so far, condoms are the most acceptable option for male contraception. And if a man is not ready to take responsibility even in such a “starting” issue, then how can you count on him at all?

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