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Don’t believe your eyes

Social networks have long and firmly entered our lives. Thanks to them, many create the image of successful people, sell something and make good money on it. We all know the price of such posts. Every now and then, couples who seemed strong to millions of subscribers file for divorce and publicly sort things out. Psychologists advise not to take on faith everything that you see on social networks. You have no idea what lies behind the happy-looking selfies.

About self-portraits separate conversation. Surely there are people in your feed who post a series of typical selfies, not at all embarrassed by wrinkles around the eyes, not a perfect chin or nose shape. Such people are actually a minority: they sincerely consider themselves beautiful and successful – they have everything in order with self-esteem. There is another category – those who, before posting a photo, examine it ten times under an imaginary magnifying glass. Go through a dozen filters to give the skin the perfect shade, do not forget to whiten your teeth and apply the most fashionable filter or mask. There are many who retouch photos, but with foam at the mouth will prove that the picture was not processed. In the example of the stars, we constantly hear about such cases. When one of the public figures shows unnaturally long legs or a suspiciously thin waist in a photo. Of course, we all want to be better, younger and more beautiful than we are. And not everyone is ready for objective criticism. Something else is more important. Why are you posting these pictures?

All for the image

So, there are narcissists who are ready to indulge in narcissism around the clock. They enjoy showing off their face and body. Ready to pose for hours, taking more and more pictures. They are also ready to invest in their appearance: they go to the gym, to beauticians, refuse dessert, so that, God forbid, they gain weight. For such people, image is the most important thing. Often, such people spend their last money to go home exclusively by business class taxi, rent an apartment in the center, brushing aside thoughts about a mortgage in a residential area, and so on. That is, they intensively create the image of a successful person they want to be. Moreover, someone manages to become like that and deftly sell their services, goods to subscribers who dream of the same lifestyle. Others will admit later that their best shots were taken when, more than anything else, they wanted to curl up and sob after another failure. Well, everyone makes their choice. According to psychologists, the main problem of such people is dependence on attention and likes. They fall asleep and wake up with their phone in their hands, thinking only about the number of views, comments and reach. A drop in audience interest can not only spoil their mood, but drive them into a real blues.

Why are we embarrassed to take selfies?

Finally, there is a category of people who are embarrassed to take selfies and post them on social networks. You have probably seen them in public places, perhaps you yourself are one of them. Point the front camera at yourself and mentally look around: surely no one sees that you are taking a photo? Decided to post a selfie but changed your mind at the last minute? It seemed that the nose was too long, the lips were not plump enough and the picture was generally stupid. Such people are too dependent on the opinions of others. The category described above is also dependent, but not so painful. There, people consider themselves irresistible and do not understand how someone refuses to like their “mind-blowing” selfie. In this case, the “shy” painfully perceive any criticism, they believe that they are not good enough and beautiful. And in general, suddenly someone grins or chuckles when they see how they take a selfie?

As usual, legs grow from childhood. Such children were often told something from the series: “You did so badly, what will Aunt Masha think? What will the neighbors say? I am ashamed now to look people in the eye! That is, from early childhood, the child is set up to think about the reaction of strangers. Often, such children have authoritarian, in fact, insecure mothers who constantly evaluate the child, compare it with others, and often focus on shortcomings. They rarely ask what the child would like and what he personally likes, sincerely believing that their choice will be the best for the child. Growing up, such people often set inflated goals for themselves, are dissatisfied with their appearance, constantly compare themselves with others, and, as you know, the neighbor’s grass is always greener.

Use your benefits

In fact, a mature, self-sufficient person always knows where he is doing well, and what else is worth working on. He understands that he has the right to different emotions and if you want to post a sad selfie and reflect, then no one is a hindrance to him. He is not afraid to express his opinion and is ready for the fact that someone will disagree with him. You will never please everyone. Moreover, it is important to build on your own personality, even if we are talking about selfies. You don’t need to squeeze out a smile of 32 teeth in all the photos if you are a serious, closed person by nature. At the same time, a sincere smile will truly adorn you. Don’t try to pretend to be someone you’re not – it won’t work. Be natural and find people on the Web who are in tune with you in terms of mood, worldview. See how they maintain accounts, what photos they post, what you can learn from them. Above the image, as a rule, they work long and hard. And everyone can do it.

How to take a good selfie?

So, if you need a selfie to maintain your profile in social networks, then you should heed the advice of professionals. It often seems to us that only models and actors are photogenic, but this is not so. It’s just that there are people who need a little more time to find a good angle. Any professional photographer will tell you that a good photo is, first of all, the right light. So make sure that your face is properly lit.

  • The light source should be in front of you. If you take a selfie during the day, it is better to stand in front of the window. If outdoors, face the sun. at the same time, the sun’s rays should not make you squint, otherwise wrinkles in the photo cannot be avoided. If we talk about pictures in nature, then the morning hours and the first sunset hours are considered the best for shooting – this is what film crews hunt for.

  • Find the best angle for you. Perhaps you should turn 3/4 in the photo or raise your chin a little. Experiment, search. See pictures of others, the work of photographers and models. Observation is important.

  • Use the technical capabilities of your smartphone. Adjust sharpness, focus, color saturation and textures. Experiment and choose the best selfie modes and filters.

  • Don’t neglect the background. Grandma’s carpet or trash can will not decorate you. Choose something concise, perhaps one-color (an ivy wall if you are outside, a view of the water, a plain bright wall, etc.).

  • Sincere emotions are very important. Falsity and pretense are always visible (as well as filter-bleached teeth). Nothing decorates a picture like spontaneity, a sincere smile or sadness in the eyes. Yes, you do not have to laugh out loud – the mood is different.

  • Still don’t like your own pictures? Book a photo shoot with a photographer. There are many options on the market for every budget. Please note: many bloggers regularly make photosets, which they then use to maintain accounts. Yes, it will take you all day: make up, pick up clothes and accessories, maybe endure the weather. But it’s worth it: out of a hundred shots, ten will certainly be successful! And remember that professional models pose for hours before the result suits everyone.

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