Why can you urinate from laughter

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It is clear, of course, if a person laughs only with his mouth, then he laughs insincerely. When you laugh seriously and from the heart, then at least the “soul” – the solar plexus area – is involved in the process, the upper part of the press is involved.

While you are reading, ask – let someone sneak up and tickle your armpits … Do not even try to self-serve in this regard. It’s a paradox, but tickling yourself is never funny. So call your husband or children – you will experiment …

Well, how? Have you tried? Since the entire respiratory system is involved in good, high-quality laughter, it cannot perform its main function – to breathe. To speed up the pumping of air and not let you die of laughter, the abdominal wall also tries to get involved: it tenses up, draws in and pushes the air out. That is, as if hinting to the chest: “I’ll look after the rhythm of sounds here, but don’t be distracted – breathe!”

Usually everything ends well and to everyone’s pleasure. But not always. With tension in the press, intra-abdominal pressure rises – and unpleasant surprises are possible.

In children, such surprises happen more often than in adults, in women – much more often than in men. In women older than 45 years – more often than all the rest combined.

That is, even a very healthy person, if he is constantly tickled, in the end can urinate from laughter. But women and children take risks even in relatively harmless circumstances.

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