Why do hands tremble and how to deal with it

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Trembling in the hands is a fairly common problem. About 20% of the population of our planet suffer from this phenomenon for various reasons. Let’s try to figure out what the nature of the tremor is. “Tremor” in Latin means trembling of the limbs or the whole body, caused by muscle contraction.

Tremor is divided into two main groups:

  • pathology, or concomitant tremor, which manifests itself due to various serious diseases;
  • normal tremor – the mechanism is triggered by external causes, which include an emotional, nervous reaction when we are very excited, worried, afraid, freezing, in the end.

Of course, in the first case, there is no talk of self-overcoming: you need to contact the doctors and direct your efforts to treat the underlying disease. The second one is up to you. The main thing is to distinguish one from the other.

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Non-terrible causes of tremor

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