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Why did women in childbirth die?

It can be said without any irony that we are lucky to live in an age of antibiotics, pain relief and advanced medicine. Just imagine what it was like for our ancestors to treat teeth without anesthesia. What about giving birth? Despite the fact that they did it many times more often than now. 10 children in a village family were not uncommon. Alas, child and maternal mortality were also in the lead. Women in labor died mainly from sepsis, uterine ruptures, bleeding, and numerous infections. And this concerned not only peasant women, but also royal persons.

In fact, only midwives were at the service of women in labor. Only in 1754 the first obstetric schools were opened in St. Petersburg and Moscow. They were taught by foreign professors. At the same time, a manual for midwives “Instruction, as a woman in pregnancy, in childbirth and after childbirth, must support herself” appeared. By the way, the schools were not popular, there were very few students. Therefore, even at the end of the 19th century, 98% of women in labor in Russia were still relieved from the burden without obstetric care.

How was childbirth anesthetized before?

Attempts to alleviate the pain with the help of various means, of course, have been made. As a rule, they used morphine, tincture of opium. Narcotic substances, in turn, could lead to a weakening of uterine contractions and respiratory depression in the infant.

Of modern drugs, “Promedol” sounds more often than others – a narcotic analgesic that enhances uterine contractions, stimulating the course of labor. But he also has serious drawbacks: the slow removal of the drug from the baby’s blood. Therefore, most often now they resort to epidural anesthesia. The question is different: despite the development of medicine, most women still experience a huge fear of childbirth. A number of expectant mothers even prefer to give birth at home, since in the maternity hospital their fear can turn into a stage of horror.

“Of course, for 20-30 years we didn’t have many tools in our arsenal to anesthetize childbirth. Today, there is a completely different picture and different indicators of maternal and child mortality. But women are still afraid of pain. The lack of psychological preparation for childbirth sometimes causes incorrect reactions and anomalies. After all, the physiological factor of pain is present in childbirth only by 30%, and the psychological factor is as much as 70%. Fear contributes to the release of adrenaline, which, in turn, leads to vasoconstriction and hypoxia – as a result, the pain reaction increases. Vicious circle. By the way, many primates do not have such a pain reaction to this physiological process.

A woman, preparing for her first birth, should know that this is a physiological process and the pain that you will experience is not prohibitive. A lot depends on the mood. Now there are a large number of practices, methods that prepare the expectant mother for childbirth. Partner childbirth is practiced when a husband, a close person, is next to you. In a number of maternity hospitals there is a jacuzzi where you can “survive” the most painful period of opening the cervix and preparing the birth canal – in warm water this is more painless.”

Be Active

According to our expert, a woman in childbirth should be active: find a position in which it will be most convenient for her to help the baby be born. Activity is also welcome during pregnancy: non-extreme sports, yoga, swimming, hiking. The physically stronger and better prepared a woman is, the easier the process will be for her.

Not pain, but work

Plus, you can resort to epidural anesthesia, which is becoming more and more popular and affordable. “Thanks to the drug method of anesthesia, now there is practically no anomaly in labor, cervical dystocia. There is no need to be afraid of epidural anesthesia. In no maternity hospital, a woman will be injected with drugs that can harm. All methods have been developed for a long time. We add that the woman in labor comes with all the tests and the results of ultrasound, that is, we see the condition of the fetus at the time of birth. The risks of complicated pregnancies are decreasing – women, alas, never dreamed of such a thing before.

And here’s what else I want to say. The Bible allegedly contains such an expression “For your sins you will give birth in pain …” So: there is no such phrase, I studied the issue. On the contrary, it says in the address of Eve that “by laboring, you will bring forth your children.” So childbirth is not torment, but work! And if you set yourself up for this job correctly, you will be fine! Do not be afraid”.

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