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Question: where does the motivation go? At first, everyone has it. And then some quickly lose weight and gain relief, while others sweat a lot and find nothing but fatigue and despair. For the former, accordingly, motivation is growing, while for the latter, on the contrary, it is rapidly falling. The former become fitness girls and post their photos on Instagram, while the latter quit the sport, scold themselves, change coaches, break down again…

You know Passion will never accuse you of lack of willpower! We’re digging deeper. In the end, we investigate all the reasons that prevent you from achieving your ideal. But for now, let’s focus on the most scientific ones.

Not all sports are the same for you. There are different features of the body – from genetic mutations to somatic diseases – that contribute to success in one area of ​​activity and hinder in another. For example, if you have connective tissue dysplasia, then you will shine in group stretching classes, but you will be a loser in strength training. If you have asthma, then you will not gain health in a pool of bleach. And if you have pronounced flat feet or varicose veins, then you are definitely better off swimming than running …

The easiest and cheapest way to choose “your” sport is to listen carefully to yourself. But, let’s be honest, this method is not without subjectivity: on the one hand, social stereotypes put pressure on you (“everyone runs – and you can”), on the other hand, your own laziness (“no matter what I try, everything is not fun”). It is much more objective to rely on genetic studies and compare them with your goals.

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