Why He Doesn’t Quit: 5 Unexpected Reasons for Being Overweight

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Weight loss specialists work with a lot of psychological problems, one way or another leading to the appearance of extra pounds. You will be surprised, but these five reasons can be a “stop tap” for weight loss.


Avarice, stinginess, stinginess – the whole synonymous series is about the same thing. You want to have a lot. Total. Money, jewelry, communication, friends, food, fame, success … As they say, underline what is necessary. And you behave accordingly – you collect and accumulate everything that may come in handy.

This type of thinking has its negative impact on the body – it also becomes thrifty and wasteful. And everything that gets into it, puts it in its closets, pantries and other bins. And to “shake” him, like any greedy one, is very, very difficult.


The quality itself is amazing. But in the context of losing weight, it can bring a lot of problems. The mechanism is something like this: you probably gained weight not in one day or even a year. And partly it was your family life that influenced this (especially if you were rather frivolous in relationships before the wedding). “Setting aside” every extra kilogram, you subconsciously, as it were, increase isolation from the opposite sex. And you “signal” your husband: I’m fat, no one but you will covet me. This calms the husband, so your fullness, even excessive and unhealthy, the jealous spouse will only welcome. For him, this is a guarantee and a guarantee of your loyalty. Well, you, loving your husband, will be the same as he is calmer. That’s why you won’t lose weight.

Striving for control

The world will collapse without you. Children will be late for school. The husband will go to work in a stale shirt and dirty socks. A friend will say something wrong to her boyfriend. Colleagues screw up with the project. In general, if you do not keep all the threads in your sensitive hands, a catastrophe of a universal scale will happen.

It is interesting, but in many women’s trainings, not even related to weight loss, they first of all teach to let go – everything and everyone. That is, stop being in control. And it turns out that for women this is a very difficult task: to let everything take its course. How is control related to completeness? Yes, directly. You don’t know how and can’t afford to relax, you are in constant tension, which “let go” at very rare moments – while eating. Therefore, eat not that and not as much as you really need.


She’s suspicious. She same mistrust to world and to people. She same fears and phobias.

As a child, it seemed that almighty parents would protect from everything. Then such a function was assigned to the husband. But it turned out that no one could protect her but herself. And you are so weak, so tender, so quivering, so … Mountain fallow deer, in general.

Over time, the “doe” is the most overgrown with fat. For guard. From an unkind world and evil people. Because the ability to defend yourself, to defend your opinion, to say “no” is hard work. And it is much easier to build an “armor” of fat between the world and oneself.


You can talk for a long time about the envy of white, black and aqua. The essence is the same: you want to get what the other has. Moreover, you believe that the other does not deserve what he has. Is it a matter of you…

Instead of living your life and enjoying your joys, you mentally constantly “try on” other destinies. Which, whatever one may say, look better than yours: one has more money, another has children, and the third even bought a car! Let yours be absolutely the same, but you took a loan for it, denied yourself everything. And this one went and bought it! Just.

Not being able to get what you so passionately desire, you begin to compensate. And food in this case is the simplest and most affordable “compensator”. So “bloated with envy” is not a metaphor at all, but a very real situation.

Of course, it is different. There are fat people who do not suffer from any of the above “vices”. But… Listen to yourself. And tomorrow morning, let the child get ready for school on his own. Give a friend a dress that she has been asking you for a long time, but it is still not enough for you. Say a firm “no” to a manipulative colleague. And, perhaps, the process of losing weight will finally get off the ground.

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