Why healthy eating isn’t for everyone

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I promised you to tell you about genetic modifications to diet and fitness. It’s very nice, you know, to do a DNA test at 45 and find out that you have done the right thing all your life, violating the standard recommendations of doctors.

Let’s put it this way: there is a certain statistical norm that 75% of the population falls into – and general recommendations (eat often, but fractionally, exclude sweets from the diet, run in the morning, love vegetables, but sometimes eat meat) are designed for this majority. In all respects, you can fall into the average norm – and then the general recommendations of WHO and Rospotrebnadzor will bring you the joy of life. You may differ in some parameters – and then, despite your correct behavior and healthy eating, you will get fat and / or get sick. And it is even difficult to imagine what will happen to you if you go beyond the norm in all genetic parameters, and at the same time eat like an average normal person.

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Tendency to corpulence

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