Why It’s Good to Kiss Someone Every Day

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A good mother always kisses her child’s broken knee. Adults are more skeptical about the healing potential of kissing. But in vain. A sincere kiss can do a lot.

Has an analgesic effect

Especially effective for migraines, muscle pain and PMS. Of course, the dosage of “smack on the top of the head” will not be enough. You need a lot of kisses and preferably in the area of ​​​​erogenous zones (and not in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bpain!) – then they will act as analgesics and muscle relaxants. Moreover, deep passionate kisses twice a day (in the morning and at night) can be a prevention of migraines and PMS. Try it: in any case, you do not risk anything.

Helps to lose weight

Of course, kissing doesn’t burn many calories. But you won’t get it! If people are not hungry, they eat because they:

  • bored and nothing to do;
  • nervously and it is necessary to relieve tension with the help of a sucking reflex;
  • I want additional taste and tactile sensations.

A kiss easily compensates for all these needs, but contains zero calories. So whenever you feel like running to the fridge, kiss someone instead.

Strengthens the immune system

Everything is simple here: a kiss of two healthy people is an exchange of rather harmless bacteria, which, however, force the immune system to respond to the invasion and stay in good shape. Simply put, kissing is immune training.

Relieves stress

Especially in children. This is due to the release of oxytocin, the bonding hormone. The kissed person feels protected and does not feel lonely. Sometimes this is enough to stop being afraid. A kissing person feels strong and needed – and this is also a powerful anti-stress. So if you’re nervous and you want to yell at the child, you better kiss him.

Protects against vascular diseases

When kissing, the pulse rate increases, blood circulation is activated – and this can even help reduce blood pressure. And given that kisses do not allow you to eat any filth and protect against obesity, they thereby reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.

Protects against wrinkles

During a kiss (even without a tongue), 34 facial muscles are activated. If you perform this exercise regularly, you will do without face-building and contouring: you will always have a clear, taut face oval and elastic skin. Women begin to age when they stop kissing.

Protects against depression

Experiments have shown that the effectiveness of kisses in pregnant women and young mothers is especially pronounced. Due to unstable hormonal levels, they are prone to mood swings and often become depressed – if they are not kissed by their husband. Women who were kissed at least five times a day by the father of their child did not suffer from postpartum depression.

Dulls an allergic reaction

Who kisses on the background of hay fever, he reduces the activity of histamines, and therefore minimizes allergic reactions.

Doesn’t let you do stupid things

A French kiss is an active stimulation of the nerve endings of the lips and tongue. So active and so many endings that massive impulses entering the brain stimulate the production of adrenaline and dopamine no worse than skydiving. This explains why married and regularly kissed men are less likely to take risks and die less often from unnatural causes than their unloved and unkissed peers: they have already received their dose of adrenaline and should not get it in a dangerous way.

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